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256 pages
Nov 2006
W Publishing

Facing Your Giants

by Max Lucado

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The stones and sling. The message from a prophet. The king who followed after Godís own heart. The biblical story of David is a familiar one. It is a tale told in many forms. However, youíve never heard it told quite like this! Max Lucado is now the narrator of Davidís story. In Facing Your Giants, this bestselling author creates a picture of what Davidís life looks like from todayís viewpoint.

In our modern world, giants like Goliath linger closer than we realize. Just as David needed to focus on God in the midst of his struggles, we need to do the same. In this in-depth study on David, Lucado reveals the life of a man who was God-focused. He weaves the tale of a follower of God who had his enemies and his friends, his thoughts and his actions, his stumbles and his victories. Through the pages of Lucadoís latest book, David comes alive and demonstrates how readers can trust in God amidst their daily battles.

Lucadoís words are fresh and the Bibleís words familiar. The balance between the two work to make Facing Your Giants a well-written book. Lucadoís relaxed writing style transforms David and his life into something more than a story. Itís an experience. However, as familiar as the topic is, the authorís retelling is humorous, thought provoking, and worth a new look at. Ė Amy Nickerson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Giants. We must face them. Yet, we need not face them alone.

This profound look at the life of David digs deeply into the defeats he suffered, and the victories he won, as he faced the giants in his life. When David focused on God, giants tumbled. But when David focused on giantsÖhe stumbled.

Goliaths still roam in our world. Debt. Disaster. Dialysis. Divorce. Deceit. Disease. Depression. These super-sized challenges swagger and strut into our lives, pilfering our sleep, embezzling our peace and robbing us of our joy. And while these giants try to dominate our lives, we know what to do! We've learned what David learned, and we do what David did. We become God focused. We pick up five stones. We make five decisions. And we take a swing.