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208 pages
Nov 2005
W Publishing Group

The Greatest Sermons Ever Preached

by Tracey D. Lawrence, compiler

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What is a sermon? Can any speech or public address properly be called a sermon? What makes a sermon great? Who is qualified to judge? The people at W. Publishing Group have put out an ambitious little book, The Greatest Sermons Ever Preached, a book that invites these and other questions.

Tracey D. Lawrence compiled the book, yet no further information about this person is given. There is no indication as to what standard or criteria were used to judge the greatness of these sermons. The back of the dust jacket proclaims that the book “crosses lines of doctrine” in its message, which begs the question: How can sermons that come from polar opposite theological points (Martin Luther and Pope John Paul II) both be considered great? Obviously, sound doctrine did not make checklist that determines greatness.

I would argue that the opening selection, Lincoln’s second inaugural address, is not a sermon, but a political speech, as was the famous “I Have a Dream” address given by Martin Luther King, Jr. The front dust jacket lists Norman Vincent Peale as one of the contributors, but the book contains nothing of his, an omission that is no detriment to the reader. I also wondered that there was nothing from “The Prince of Preachers,” C. H. Spurgeon.

Theological issues aside, this book in no way lives up to its lofty title. Your book money will be far better spent investing in the sermons of Spurgeon, Edwards, or any of the Puritan preachers. – Pam Glass, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

This book is a collection of sermons from the world's greatest religious thinkers. From the teachings of:

Martin Luther King Jr.
George Whitfield
Jonathan Edwards
Mother Teresa
and many more...

These classic readings will provide devotional thoughts, inspirational messages, and helpful resources for any believer.

After completing this book, readers will:

have a sense of peace and inspiration that comes from devotional reading
be motivated by the greatest sermons from the history's great teachers
have a great resource for powerful sermons and anecdotes at their fingertips