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240 pages
Jul 2005
W Publishing Group

Lost in the Amazon: The True Story of Five Men and their Desperate Battle for Survival

by Stephen Kirkpatrick

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Want to go on a camera safari? See rosy river dolphins, chartreuse parrot snakes, wild, white orchids? Leaving Lima, Peru by river boat, this trek will begin some days later as you follow your Indian guide along the jungle path. Yeah, but wait a minute! This hand drawn map is not correct! The path doesn’t seem to be there at all. And even the river has disappeared.

This is not a typical travelogue. Steve, or Esteve as the guides call him, and Darcy are in for some outstandingly rough times. Neck deep swamps, no food, an unsure path, days of slogging in lost conditions, slime covered cameras and soggy film, and some bad injuries are just the beginning. Sometimes you’ll wonder at the beauty, laugh at the predicaments; at other times you’ll grimace, shiver, and feel a bit nauseas. Quite often you’ll wish you knew such dedicated, savvy, and caring Indian guides as these guys had.

Lost in the Amazon is a true story. Professional, freelance photographer Steve Kirkpatrick lived--even though he thought he wouldn’t--through all of this. In clear-cut, rugged language, Kirkpatrick describes all the dirt, rain, insects and people as they really are, and then leads you every muddy step of the way with him. No preaching, just a stubborn Christian who wonders, “God…why are you doing this to me?” You’ll be as anxious as Kirkpatrick to find the answer to that question.

An exciting, can’t-put-it-down read, Lost will be relished by everyone, preteen through adult, Christian and non-Christian. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In 1995, Stephen Kirkpatrick joined a five-man expedition into the remote jungles of the Peruvian Amazon. Kirkpatrick’s assignment was to document an area of the rainforest that had never before been photographed, nor by most accounts, ever explored by white men.

Within hours of their departure, an inaccurate map and a series of bad decisions leave the group hopelessly lost in the depths of the Amazon jungle. What began as a career-making photo expedition quickly turned into a desperate struggle for survival.

The five men battle poisonous reptiles, hungry bugs, torrential rains, brutal heat, and an unforgiving landscape in an attempt to find their way back to civilization. They soon learn that survival is not only a physical, but a mental and spiritual challenge as well.

Lost in the Amazon is a gripping, sometimes humorous, and ultimately inspirational story about the human drive to survive, and about clinging to faith in the worst circumstances imaginable.