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240 pages
Jan 2006
W Publishing Group

Total Heart Health for Men

by Ed Young, M. Duncan, R. Leachman

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Although there are many books on the market today intending to teach men how to take better care of the physical aspects of their hearts, this is the first book to provide that information as well as insights on how to care for the spiritual aspects of the heart. Written by a pastor and two cardiologists, the book shows the connectedness between the mind, heart, and soul in providing a balanced approach to good health.

Total Heart Health for Men has its strengths and weaknesses. Since it is written, obviously, for men, one of its strengths is that each chapter ends with a bulleted list of the key points that were covered; most men like to cut to the bottom line. Also, it has pragmatic information that can be put to immediate use: recipes that are easy to fix and nutritional; menus for planning a healthier eating fare; exercise routines for stamina and weight control; meditations and prayer plans for personal time with God; specific Scripture references for information on honoring the body as the temple of God; and stress-reducing suggestions for taking relief off a strained body system.

The book's key weakness is that the chapters often take too long to get to the point. There is too much back story. The illustrations drag out. The lessons about spiritual disciplines have a "sound" much like a sermon. Although the warnings against extramarital sex, improper business dealings, and other similar vices are valid, they come off too much like a lecture. Grown men prefer to have positive reinforcement, specific game plans for change, and concise and focused presentations. The book could have been trimmed substantially and benefited from a more rigorous editing.

Nevertheless, since the book's table of contents makes it obvious which chapters cover specific subjects, the reader can be selective and go directly to the material on exercising or nutrition or spiritual maturation. If read that way, it becomes a functional tool for better health and more peace of mind. -- Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Heart disease is the number one killer of men in America - but the cause may be more complex than cutting out saturated fat and salt. There is an increasing body of research supporting the link between physical and spiritual health. It's difficult to have a truly healthy physical life without a healthy spiritual life and vice versa.

In Total Heart Health for Men, well-known author and pastor Ed Young teams up with two of the country's leading physicians from the world-renown Texas Heart Institute, Dr. J. Michael Duncan and Dr. Richard Leachman, to offer men the guidance they so desperately need to achieve total heart health in their lives. As part of the '30-Minutes-a-Day Total Heart Health Challenge,' men will be inspired and supported in making practical changes toward a healthy heart, by honoring Christ both physically and spiritually, with their total hearts.