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Trade Paperback
350 pages
Jan 2004
Tyndale House Publishers

End of State: Left Behind Political #1

by Neesa Hart

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“If Left Behind takes a global account of events that occur after the Rapture, then End of State zooms in on America. Political operative turned romance writer, Neesa Hart, takes the apocalyptic series in a whole new direction with a solid page-turner.

End of State offers a new spin on the Left-Behind theme, while still keeping some of the main characters, such as the evil Nicolae Carpathia and genius Chaim Rosenzwieg, in the background.

“Hart introduces three central figures, each of whom holds enormous political clout and forsook a chance to accept Christ before the Rapture. White House chief of staff Brad Benford is a token evangelical in an administration of liberals. He experiences the loss of his entire family in the disappearings, causing him to realize his real purpose during the Tribulation period.

“Marcus is a preacher/activist who said all the right things, but failed to accept Christ for himself. It’s hard to believe someone could not only have been exposed to the truth but also advocated it and yet missed the Rapture.

“And lastly Mariette Arnold is the assistant director of FEMA, the Federal disaster agency charged with cleaning up disasters. Nothing Arnold has experienced can even match the devastation of the Rapture.

“Hart does a good job of describing Washington’s power struggle, where truth is buried well beneath politics and posturing. Having experienced it herself, she brings to light what we could have only imagined: how Washington might react when 1/3 of the world is missing.

“Her writing is tight, her characters extremely cerebral, the dialogue honest and human. She doesn’t delve into apocalyptic what-ifs, but presents a very realistic portrayal of what honestly could happen. The only drawback is the slight confusion around the Gospel—what exactly is it that makes a person a Christian. Is it God’s grace or the living of the life?

“Nevertheless, Hart has produced a first-rate thriller sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and sure to get your mind running with possibilities of how America may react in a Rapture scenario.” – Dan Darling, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

From the back rooms of the U.S. government to the world stage of the United Nations, End of State explores the world of politics and government as it is changed forever by the Rapture.

This new series, combining the explosiveness of the Left Behind universe with the immediacy of West Wing-style political thrills, takes the Rapture and ratchets up the tension to a fever pitch. Written by political insider Neesa Hart, who has won prestigious awards both for her writing and for her youth ministry in churches across America.