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347 pages
Sep 2003
Tyndale House Publishers

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"It is nearly 30 years into the future and Jerry Jenkins brings readers into the scary world of Big Brother's crackdown on religion. If you're thinking this is more Left-Behind redux, think again, becasue Jenkins ventures into another realm.

"What if the government took seriously the vocal outcry against religion? What if "peace" was pursued at all costs, the most significant being the freedom of expression and worship?

"It isn't a far-fetched theory, because more than one pundit has labeled religion as the enemy, even though it was Muslim extremists who have used terrorism as a political tool.

"Paul Stepola is a very complicated character, a man that the reader first loathes, then hates. It is not so easy for him to deny everything he has learned to embrace a God who he feels compelled to trust. As the story progresses, you'll begin to understand the creepy character of his father-in-law, whose only goal is power, at the expense of innocent believers and his own family.

"Jenkins portrays a world in the future, a world without religion, without rights of expression, a world without a concience. Prostitution is legalized, entertainment has all but become pornagraphy. Interactive movies, simulating immoral acts.

"Every good work of fiction serves not merely as an entertainment vehicle, but should cause the reader to think. Soon accomplishes this, as Jenkins delivers a sober warning about what could happen if the subtle, but steady campaign against Christianity is not met with courageous resistance." -- Dan Darling, Christian Book Previews

Book Jacket:

In the aftermath of World War III, the world is resolved as never before to eliminate wr. The war killed millions of people and wiped out entire countries. Now, all nations have agreed to remove the most serious threat to world peace. The solution? Outlaw religion.

Paul Stepola plays a key role in the world's backlash against religious extremists. As an agent working for the National Peace Organization. Paul relishes his job. It's not enough for Paul that law has forced religion underground. With unlimited resources, he is determined to expose religious zealots--flush them out and destroy them.

His quest points him to startling revelations. Supernatural events are happening that he can't explain. The religious underground calls them miracles. Paul calls them conspiracies. But when one event hits close to home, Paul can no longer deny the truth.

When will the world discover the astonishing climax to these events?

When will the nations learn they are experiencing a new beginning...the beginning or the end.