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464 pages
Oct 2004
Tyndale House Publishers

Third Watch (A.D. Chronicles, No. 3)

by Bodie & Brock Thoene

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Third Watch (Book 3 of A.D. Chronicles) by Bodie and Brock Thoene is an historical fiction novel that picks up on the life of Peniel as he travels with Yeshua. Peniel was born blind, but Yeshua (Jesus) healed him.

We also meet Manaen, a once-strong man now wallowing in self-pity because his eyes were burned out by Herod Antipas. His wife, Susanna, is lonely and fearful as she tries to keep their marriage together.

Zahav is a pretty young woman born with a deep red birthmark on her face. Jewish custom decrees that she can never be married. Her heart breaks as she takes care of her nieces and nephews, knowing she can never have a family of her own.

Hero, the four-year-old son of Alexander, a Jewish apostate, can’t speak and suffers with convulsions that throw him into fires and wells.

Each of these people has a need. Each has a hunger. Only one Person can fulfill it: the Messiah. But Jewish tradition has blinded many to the suffering Messiah-Redeemer. They are so caught up in the politics of the day, so desirous of getting out from under Roman rule, that they can’t recognize their true Deliverer.

How many of us are like that today? We are so busy trying to solve our problems, handle our disappointments, and worship our man-made gods, that we miss the true God of the universe. He is calling to us on a daily basis, but we often refuse to listen because we “can handle things ourselves.” But can we?

Third Watch makes us think even as we read of how others re-acted to Yeshua when he was on earth. I found myself relating to at least one of the characters and realized that perhaps I needed to do some re-thinking of my definition of Yeshua, God with us. Of my relationship to Him who gave all.

Third Watch entertains and challenges. The Thoene’s have even added six studies at the end to encourage readers to dig deeper into their hearts and minds regarding our Messiah-Redeemer who died and lives for us today. Please sit back, read, and ponder who Yeshua is to you. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Journey back to the first century in Jerusalem, a dark and seemingly hopeless time, where citizens of the city are searching for their promised Messiah to return. Meet new characters Zahav, a Jewish woman who is very strong in her faith, and Alexander, a Greek with a past. Can their forbidden love endure the trials that face them? Find hope in the lives of Susanna and Manean as we rejoin them to see that their love has overcome overwhelming odds. After seeing all that Yeshua has done for them, will the people believe that he is the Messiah? What they choose to believe will change them for all eternity.