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Trade Paperback
300 pages
Nov 2003
Tyndale House Publishing

Summer's End, Northern Intrigue Series #3

by Lyn Cote

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ďIn Summerís End, the third book in the Northern Intrigue series, Lyn Cote presents a tale of romance and suspense fit to rival Dee Henderson. A minute after Dr. Kirsi Roystonís arrival in the small Wisconsin town that paid her way through medical school, a teen is brought in suffering from a meth overdose, unheard of in Steadfast. Kirsiís announcement that she cannot stay the contacted six years because of family matters earns the displeasure of Dr. Doug Erickson, whoís struggling to keep up with patients with the help of his aging grandfather. She agrees to find a replacement by summerís end. But the two young doctors didnít count on a drug ring, a stalker, a crotchety old lady, and love.

ďA woman driving in a Jeep doesnít seem like an exciting beginning for a suspense novel, but Lyn Cote gives broad hints of Kirsiís inner tension, drawing you in anyway. Three pages later, the action and intrigue speed up with a bang. While the slightly-overdone romance and floral cover will discourage male readers, women will enjoy a romance offering more than usual ones. The colorful characters and plot twists will keep the pages turning until the satisfying conclusion.Ē -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

When Dr. Kirsi Royston takes on a practice in Steadfast, Wisconsin, she has no idea what awaits her. Strange things begin to happen, and it's up to Dr. Doug Erickson to protect Kirsi from the danger that pursues her. Only as Kirsi and Doug commit to each other and to God can they find their true refuge.