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120 pages
Mar 2006
Herald Press

Treasure Hunt: A Shenandoah Valley Mystery

by Eunice Geil Smith

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The history comes from the American Civil War era; the venue is 1959 Shenandoah Valley, Virginia; and the adventures, problems and denouement fit right into our contemporary world. With all these enhancing it, Treasure Hunt provides enjoyment, excitement, and education.

A sixth grade language arts/social studies teacher and church historian living in the area about which she is writing, author Eunice Smith draws on her own family background to build this believable, interest-catching tale. The Mennonite farm family forming the main characters in this book fills these pages with adventure, life, humor, and (not always mutual) family togetherness. We first meet our eleven-year-old tomboy heroine, Maggie, as her Dad, down whose back she has just pushed a snowball, chases her all over the house. She takes refuge in a cobwebby cellar hole and finds the beginning of this intriguing mystery. Gold, old manuscripts, friends and their problems, dangerous thieves, and wonderful ideas that don’t work out quite right, as well as coping with old relatives and chores, differences in life styles, along with a look at differing reactions to war and its problems all fit into this puzzle.

Treasure Hunt will be of use for language arts and history classes in both Christian and secular elementary schools. It is also useful for family reading, all libraries, and gift giving. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In the winter of 1959, 11-year-old Maggie stumbles across an old syrup can in the cellar of her family’s isolated farmhouse in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Inside the rusted container, she finds a diary written during the Civil War by a her great-grandfather, Joseph. Intrigued by fanciful hints in the diary, Maggie investigates a puzzling mystery in the old house and finds clues to a long-hidden family secret that Joseph had solved when he lived there as a boy nearly one hundred years before. A fast-paced adventure full of mystery and history for 10-to-13-year-olds.