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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Aug 2006
Beacon Hill Press

Reaching the Left from the Right: Talking About Social Issues With People Who Don't Think Like You

by Barbara Curtis

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Autobiography, dissertation on Christian living, commentary on our multifaceted American society, all these and more--reading Reaching the Left from the Right affords a most interesting experience. Author, speaker, and out-spoken commentator, Barbara Curtis weaves her ideas in among her life experiences.

An ultra-leftist Californian enjoying every imaginable sin, plus a few more, Curtis found the Lord after a long strenuous life march through a great deal of mud. How the Lord dealt with her, even when Christians were appalled and stayed far away from her, makes engrossing reading. But Curtis is a sharer of thoughts, of Scripture, of herself, and so from this autobiographical base grows many important thoughts.

She longs to see Christians in meaningful, humble, Christ-like communication with non-Christians, no matter how sinful they are. In order to do this, we need to drop the holier-than-thou attitude behind which we hide, and trust God to protect us and fill our daily lives with true and loving faith. Because Curtis started out as a self-defined radical but has become one bound to the Lord, she speaks with great authority, providing clear thoughts and directions for going out into the world to grab the sinner by the hand, share your love, then leave the rest in God’s hands. Her aim is to guide us into being irresistible communicators for God. Curtis also recognizes the need to be powerful confronters tempered by God’s love. Apropos Scripture and notable thoughts form instructive sidebars throughout the narrative. Each chapter ends with a “Building Bridges” section including discussion aids and action points for group and personal action.

A hard-hitting book, with no quarter given to mainstream Christians and their pet routines, Reaching the Left needs to be read. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Feminism. Abortion. Homosexuality. Euthanasia.

Is there a way to bridge the gap between the polarized platforms on either side of the most volatile issues of our times?

In Reaching the Left from the Right, author Barbara Curtis, a former hippie, anti-war activist, and pro-choice advocate, shares her amazing story of transformation from a life without Christ to a freedom in Him that she never knew existed. With wisdom and insight, she encourages Christians to look beyond the politics that divide us to find the common ground that unites us. She offers practical suggestions for learning to talk with people who think differently about today's social issues and shows us that regardless of where a person stands politically, God loves and cares about all people and He is the only One who can help us bridge the gap in our divided world.