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272 pages
Dec 2009

Warrior Princess: Fighting for Life with Courage and Hope

by Princess Kasune Zulu with Belinda Collins

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Warrior Princess by Princess Kasune Zulu is timely, shocking, and provocative. “Princess” is not her title. It is her name, her identity. Warrior Princess is her testimony. Princess Kasune Zulu was born near Victoria Falls to a privileged Zambian family. At an early age, her parents, baby sister, and brother died from a mysterious illness that later become known as AIDS. In January, 1998, at age twenty-one, Princess learned that she was HIV-positive and had six months to live. At this point, Princess realized AIDS was God’s calling on her life. He gave her Psalm 118:17-18 for hope. From it she developed her mantra: “I shall not die before I am dead.” In Warrior Princess she, along with co-author Belinda Collins, describes how God prepared her for her calling and how she has pursued it even to the present.

Warrior Princess is a first-person narrative. It is well-written and captivating, most often reading like a novel. In it, Princess presents her case and explains her fight for the 15 million children orphaned by AIDS—she being one of them. You can hear her strong voice coming out of her writing. She does not keep secret even the unfortunate aspects of her life, but explains how God used everything for His glory. Against all odds, Princess is still fighting for the lives of millions, and through this book she asks us to fight with her. “We can make the decision that on our watch as the custodians of our planet, we will no longer tolerate the pain and destruction…Are you with me?”

Most of the book is the story of her life. When she catches up with herself, she infuses the last few chapters with more details, goals, and hopes regarding what has already been accomplished and what is well within the capabilities of yet being accomplished. Some of the content is mature, but the message is for all ages.

Her closing message is, “I simply hope that my story, a story that echoes millions of others, will inspire you to join the fight against poverty, HIV and AIDS, and preventable disease.” – Stephanie Warner,

Book Jacket:

Princess Kasune Zulu grew up in an Africa trying to make sense of the mystery illness claiming its people. As a child, she could not know the disease that claimed the lives of her parents and baby sister would go on to infect more than 100 million people. Left alone to care for her siblings, Princess later discovered she herself was HIV positive. But she heard a calling to become an advocate and ambassador for those affected by disease and poverty. From talking to truck drivers about AIDS to her providential work as a radio broadcaster, Princess has boldly stepped up to speak on behalf of the voiceless and forgotten.

Princess's journey has taken her from the dusty villages of Zambia to the offices of world leaders from the White House to the United Nations. Her message is that we can now become the first generation to end extreme poverty, if only we have the will to do so. Her story shows that even though life is uncertain and our time may be short, we each have a role to play in bringing healing and hope to our world.