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Trade Paperback
197 pages
Jun 2006
InterVarsity Press

Staying Together When an Affair Pulls You Apart

by Stephen M. Judah

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In his book Staying Together When an Affair Pulls You Apart,  Stephen M. Judah, Ph.D. sets on a journey to show couples how to do just that—stay together, that is—when an adulterous affair could yank them apart. Judah claims that infidelity often stems back to patterns of insecurity in early childhood.  The adulterous affair is the end result of moral disaster, leaving the parties involved gasping for breath.

Marriages weren’t meant to survive in such thin air, so this author/psychologist stands ready to help couples in this state make an excruciating rise into wholeness.

While the author does not mince words when it comes to describing how broken vows shatter a marriage, he spends a good portion of his book providing spiritual and emotional medicine for healing marriages: “Being honest with your spouse about infidelity represents a turning point in (restoring) intimacy.” As an advanced clinician in Imago marriage therapy, Stephen Judah’s aim is to assist couples in rebuilding beauty out of brokenness.

The fact that the author maps out a systematic plan definitely can offer hope to a couple staggering to survive the blow of an affair.  However, I was not a little disappointed to have to wait until the Epilogue to find his biblical signposts for such a rigorous journey as recovering from a fractured marriage. – Cheryl A. Cecil, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Affairs happen, and when a marriage is threatened by infidelity, all parties involved can become desperate. The air gets pretty thin, and our ability to look past our immediate needs is compromised. We're tempted to look out only for ourselves, and the marital relationship is left hanging on for dear life.

How did we get here? Where do we go from here? Can this relationship survive?

Steve Judah explores the phenomenon of infidelity, considering both the push of marital discord and the pull of sexual temptation. With clear and helpful analysis of the relational science behind infidelity, he delivers a tested way back toward a meaningful marriage.

Your marriage can survive and even thrive after infidelity has been confronted. This book provides a savvy, practical and hopeful guide for couples to navigate this turbulent terrain and find their way back to one another.