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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Dec 2005
InterVaristy Press

Resting Place

by Jane Rubietta

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Do you have a hectic life, do you need a rest and just don’t know how to work it into your life? What is the cost of this busyness? What are you missing? Jane Rubietta addresses this. She has written eight books with her latest being Resting Place: A Personal Guide to Spiritual Retreats. Jane is a popular speaker at conferences and retreats. She and her husband Rich operate Abounding Ministries, whose mission is to offer people a life-changing experience of God’s love through music, writing, speaking, and retreats.

The name of this book is based on the Scripture Jeremiah 50:6 KJV “…they have forgotten their resting place.” We don’t slow down and our busyness keeps us from connecting with God. We give ourselves away to people, we are slaves to expectations, and we don’t answer a cry for rest. The author admits our “shoulds” and their accompanying guilt exhaust us. Within the pages, Jane describes the various ways to rest and retreat. If resting involves silence, inactivity, meditation and trusting would you be comfortable resting?

You don’t need to read this book chapter by chapter. Jane suggests you let the Holy Spirit guide you. You’ll find quotes, Scripture to meditate on, ideas shared, questions to ponder, poems, and guides to journaling your thoughts. Subject matter includes: soul hunger, excessive behaviors, need for relationships, the spotlight and solitude selves, depression, faith, anger, giving up control, money, and power. With a list like that, there is something for everyone and there certainly were many areas of interest and learning for me in Jane’s book on personal retreats. When you make the time and choose the place--Jane has good suggestions for that--Resting Place can guide you through a spiritual experience. – Debra Murphy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A personal retreat.

We've never needed it more. We run from one place to the next--from meetings and appointments to our kid's soccer practice, from class to work to choir rehearsal, from the grocery store to small group--and then drop into bed later than we hoped, exhausted and dreading the morning. We want to slow down but don't know how and don't really believe that we can. And often, the idea of a personal retreat--time for solitude and silence--makes us feel as anxious as all our frenzied rushing. What in the world would we do with an hour, an afternoon or (gulp!) a whole day of solitude with God?

But what is the cost of our frantic pace? What are we missing by not slowing down for reflection and meditation on Scripture? What kind of toll does our anxious running take on those around us--and, even more deeply, on our own soul? In Resting Place, retreat speaker Jane Rubietta addresses soul matters with retreat topics such as dealing with our fear of abandonment, wrestling with discontent, overcoming our attempts to control others and fulfilling our deep desire to be loved.

These retreats help us enter Psalm 23 rest, a place of true rest and trust in our loving, gentle Shepherd. Full of quotes to contemplate, Scripture to meditate on, questions, prayer and journaling ideas, and ideas for creativity, Jane Rubietta leads us to and through times of silence and solitude that will follow us into our everyday world as we learn to allow Jesus to guide, comfort and restore us.

Come to the Shepherd, and find the true rest your soul is longing for.