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208 pages
Dec 2003
InterVarsity Press

Never Mind the Joneses: Building Core Christian Values in a Way That Fits Your Family

by Tim Stafford

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Book Jacket:

Messages from the media and pressures from peers all seem to conspire against raising children with strong Christian values. As kids grow older the potential for things to go wrong just seems to multiply.

How can parents nurture their families with confidence, without the fear that they are making some big mistake? Tim Stafford sets you free from worrying about the Joneses or anyone else. He shows you how to build core Christian values into your children in a way that fits who God made your family to be, unique and different from every other family.

In this practical and freeing book, you'll find:

  • Why your family doesn't have to be like other families
  • How to build core values into your children that will last a lifetime
  • How you can find the patterns that fit who you and your family are
  • Ways to build family life that kids enjoy and that parents find satisfying
  • Why there's more than one, good, right way to be a family
  • How to build grace and freedom into your family life while still providing structure and security
  • Release from the fear that you are parenting the wrong way
Stafford identifies thirteen core biblical values and describes a wide variety of ways to build these into families. He explores the many options that are available for parents to help their children develop in truthfulness, contentment, hard work, joy, rest, forgiveness and putting God first.

Some books suggest there is only one right way to parent, no matter who you are. In Never Mind the Joneses Stafford frees you to explore the ways God has provided that fit your family best.