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Trade Paperback
125 pages
Sep 2007
Regal Books

Hope for a Hopeless Day

by Jack Hayford

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Hope for a Hopeless Day is a collection of stories and reflections by Jack W. Hayford on how to deal with those days when nothing seems to be going right.  Hayford writes to show how the love of Christ has the power to change lives, even during the worst days of our lives.  

Hayford intertwines biblical examples with personal stories that he has lived and experienced firsthand.  While keeping the reader’s attention, the author gives advice and teaches about how to handle with the days where Satan’s attacks are especially severe. His focus is on aspects of depression, doubt, confusion, anxiety, and frustration.

The message of this book is clear: trust in Jesus to get you through the tough times and His grace will solve the situations for the great glory of God.  Hayford backs up his point with solid use of Scripture and the wisdom God has revealed to him through his years in ministry.

Hope for a Hopeless Day is a good book to look to for those times when the enemy’s persecution is at full fury.  While its language can be a bit hard to understand, it doesn’t take away from the message of the book.  This book is good for anyone who needs inspiration on dealing with life’s darkest hours. – Nathan Logue, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

When no hope is left, to whom should we turn? Through the words of Jesus as He was dying on the Cross, Jack Hayford unfolds the secret of triumphing over the ultimate season of suffering. Establishing a framework for dealing with hardship, Hope for a Hopeless Day challenges readers to examine the way they handle trials and encourages them to focus on the power that frees—the cross.

Here are real-life stories of individuals who triumphed over their "hopeless days." Readers will be heartened by their stories of bravery and integrity—even while facing the anguish of marital infidelity or financial collapse. Although facing what seems like insurmountable odds, "we are called to hope just as surely as we are called to the Cross, for the Savior who speaks there is teaching us the way to live as surely as He is dying to give us life."