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384 pages
Nov 2006
Regal Books

Living Well: 365 Daily Devotions for a Balanced Life (First Place)

by Carole Lewis

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The intent of Living Well: 365 Daily Devotions for a Balanced Life is to serve as a supplemental text to the whole First Place style of living that is advocated by this book's editor and co-author Carole Lewis.  That organization helps its clients lose weight, reduce stress, and enhance their relationships with God. To that end, the messages found here are useful to any Christian seeking inspiration and direction.

The book's daily devotions are written by 50 contributors, many of whom are either members of First Place or directors of the organization.  This is not to say they are not highly competent. For example, Dr. Sybil Smith is a Ph.D. and a registered nurse; Rev. Jim Clayton is senior pastor of a Baptist church in Tennessee; and June Chapko is the author of the Bible study Making Wise Choices.  Having so many different writers from so many different walks of life makes the daily offerings diverse, distinctive, and personal.

Each page is dated so that a reader can begin on any day of the year and use the book for 12 months. First, a passage of Scripture is presented, followed by a concise devotion of not more than 225 words, and then a closing prayer. Additionally, for those who have First Place weight loss journals and prayer books, at the very bottom of each page is a journal entry thought that works as an action item related to the specific theme or topic of that day's devotion.

One word of caution would be that readers will have to get used to the idea that many, many of these devotions are going to focus on weight loss.  It can become a bit redundant after awhile, although some are quite clever.  For example, Elizabeth Crews writes for the July 29th devotion, called "Staying on Track," that the Apostle Paul admonished Christians in Galatians 5:7 to "run the good race," and sometimes today that might mean not driving by the doughnut shop and not wheeling our shopping carts down the ice cream aisle. I had to chuckle at that analogy, as well as others that were equally clever.

Admittedly, this book is targeted at females, ages 25 - 60, but I found the stories, examples, Bible verses, and words of encouragement applicable to anyone with a desire to serve the Lord more obediently. – Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

From Carole Lewis, the national director of First Place, the nation’s leading Christian weight-loss program, comes this collection of daily devotions to help you achieve balance in every area of your life!

These are down-to-earth devotions, written by men and women who struggle with the same real-life issues you wrestle with. And they are about much more than just weight loss. You’ll learn how to make wise choices whenever you are faced with a difficult decision.

Discover how to hear God’s voice and how to resist temptation. Learn how your gifts and talents can be put to work for God.

You’ll also explore such questions as “Do I want to achieve certain goals? Am I willing to be honest with myself? Am I open to new ideas? Is my pride getting in the way of what I want to accomplish? What am I afraid of? A short prayer, a guided journaling assignment and a pertinent Scripture verse from the First Place Bible studies are included for each daily reading.

By preparing your heart each day through this short devotional time and applying the truth of each reading, you’ll discover the secret of balance in every aspect of your life— whether the spiritual, physical, mental or emotional.

The balanced life begins here—in only a few minutes a day! Make each day count…all year ’round.