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Trade Paperback
88 pages
Jun 2005
Regal Books

Taking It to the Streets: Transforming Communities Through Prayerwalking

by Ted Haggard

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A new word is appearing in the Christian lexicon: Prayerwalking. The market offers several books on this subject, so why another? Because Pastor Ted Haggard and his congregation have been successfully practicing prayerwalking for quite some time. Taking It To The Streets shares with fellow Christians the helpful information and experiences garnered by this church.

Haggard works better moving, so when he began a prayer ministry he combined action with his prayers, walking and praying through all types of neighborhoods locally, nationally, and internationally. He names this genuine spiritual communion and confrontation ‘engaging prayer' -- both engaging with the Holy Spirit and challenging demonic powers. Taking It To The Streets combines personal experiences with clear details about prayerwalking such as what it is, its various forms, how to organize it, the energy it generates, blessings arising from the practice, praying with Scripture, and our Christian prayer privilege and responsibility.

This is not a difficult book to read. The actions and people contained in it are motivated totally by the Lord. No extraneous narratives or eye-candy words appear. But don't let its ingenuousness fool you. Coping with its message requires clear thinking about your own beliefs, dedication to the Lord, and humility.

Modern Christianity may have come up with the name “prayerwalking,” but I have a hunch that dedicated Christians have been practicing it for centuries. This neat, unassuming little book seeks to help us join our Christian forbearers in introducing the lost to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Have you ever wished that your neighbors (or even your entire community) knew Christ, but you felt powerless to reach them? In his exciting book Taking It to the Streets, Ted Haggard introduces a proven way to bring change in communities—prayer walking.

The simple act of walking through an area while praying for the people and surroundings that you encounter can provide unlimited opportunities through the power of God. Prayer walking allows you to see the sights and hear the sounds of the community so that you know exactly where prayer is needed. It’s not difficult to do, but the impact it makes is tremendous. You can make the light of Christ burn brighter in your own community, bringing needed change and blessings wherever you set your feet.