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144 pages
Jan 2005
Gospel Light Publications

Rock-Solid Kids: Giving Children a Biblical Foundation for Life

by Larry Fowler

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"The Church of Jesus Christ today is only one generation away from extinction," writes Larry Fowler in Rock Solid Kids. Executive Director of Program and Training for Awana Clubs International, author of the Awana Junior Varsity program, and overseer of Awana ministries in 115 countries, Fowler knows what he's talking about.

Time is the endless race against parents. "Where are the parents? Trying to stay afloat amidst crazed, hectic schedules that allow little time for meaningful spiritual interaction with their children," writes Jack Eggar, President of Awana Clubs International. Eggar continues, "Together, parents and churches have settled into a destructive codependent relationship. Parents, with little inclination and few high quality resources to devote to the spiritual nurture of their children, have largely abdicated the job to the church. And the church had readily taken on a task that was originally mandated in Scripture to the parents of children."

Life is so busy that it seems impossible to work in daily devotions with the family. Rock Solid Kids shows parents how to prioritize their schedule to include a daily devotional time. "It is never an issue of time; it always is an issue of value," Fowler said.

Rock Solid Kids gives four common views of children from the negative children are a bother, to children are a tool, improving to children are our future, and children are people. Charts and steps illustrate how to fix your errors. Fowler defines the roles and gives tips to parents, Sunday school teachers, children ministry leaders, and pastors. Churches would do well to buy a case and require their staff to read this book. Rock Solid Kids has good advice for churches and families.

Using Bible stories for examples and often quoting Jesus, Fowler says, "If parents let only the church teach the children about God then their children will not see a connection between church and real life." Fowler stresses that the Bible must be the center point in your time with your children. "The word of God is your life! That gives God's Word the highest value of all, and it only follows that the action of teaching God's Word to the next generation receives an equal rating." A great place to begin to incorporate family devotions is to get involved in a local Awana program, even if it is held at a church that is not your home church. As part of an Awana program, at age six, my sister memorized 64 scriptures in four months.

I liked the information in this book. It was practical and inspiring. I especially liked the chapter about children serving in ministry. Because my mom has always created opportunities for me and my siblings to be involved in church even as children, we feel church is "our church," and we are an important and functioning part of our congregation.

Just as Jesus appreciated the boy who brought his modest lunch of loaves and fishes, the Lord can use and multiply the smallest contributions from even the smallest people. Children who grow up ministering as part of the church, will remain in the church when they are older to teach the next generation. After all, the church today is only one generation away from extinction. -- Estee Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Sometimes children are viewed in terms of their future value. But to Jesus, children were precious in the here and now, and He gave them His full attention and love. In this book, Larry Fowler explains that we must view children in the same way and make certain that the way in which we teach children is based on what ought to be the most important influence--the Word of God. This book will help parents, teachers and children's ministry leaders build a strong ministry--in the home or church--modeled on scriptural teaching. This examination of the biblical basis for children's ministry includes eight core chapters. Each chapter is based on one or more Scripture passages and covers topics such as the importance, responsibility, content and golden opportunity of children's ministry. The "foundation rocks" in this book are exactly what teachers and parents need to help them teach children about the Christian faith.