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188 pages
Sep 2005
Regal Books

A Place for Skeptics: A Spiritual Journey for Those Who May Have Given Up on Church But Not on God

by Scott Larson & Chris Mitchell

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A Place for Skeptics should have a place on everyone’s bookshelf! Although it’s directed toward “those who may have given up on church, but not on God,” these pages offer a sound presentation of the reality and the relevancy of Christianity in today’s world. Reading this book will refresh the heart of any believer, and it can also stir up the embers of faith and trust in those who are wary of attending church.

The reader will set off on a 30-day spiritual adventure, as the authors start at the point of skepticism and move ever onward toward the purposes and blessings of a community of believers. Most interesting was the use of the Apostle’s Creed as the basis for this teaching. Each section works through another point of the Creed, while highlighting its validity in the modern world. In a significant blending of the ancient and the contemporary, the Apostle’s Creed touches today with its timeless truths.

The writing is conversational and is completely void of theological jargon. Because of this, there is a note of genuineness throughout. Doubts and misunderstandings are examined with honesty and humility. The authors acknowledge the problems confronting the modern believer, and then they walk alongside the reader as they attempt to find the answers. Skeptics will be given a new perspective on some vital issues, while all believers will have their faith strengthened with this solid biblical foundation.

A Place for Skeptics is an excellent resource for reaching those who are wary of religion but who are also weary of searching. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

If you, or someone you know, are reconsidering some of the larger questions of life, then this is the book for you. This 30-day spiritual journey examines questions about God, the Bible, faith and Jesus. A Place for Skeptics is written as a conversation, engaging Christian truth in a relevant, non-confrontational style. Modern questions and doubts intersect with ancient confessions of the Christian faith in this provocative book of reflections. What results is the opportunity to consider the validity of Christianity and what it may mean to nurture and grow a real faith.

This is not a book of answers, how-tos or formulas but rather a book about asking good questions. And good questions honestly asked can lift us out of our everyday struggles to give us a glimpse of the bigger issues of life. Want a new perspective, a place to wrestle with your questions? You can use A Place for Skeptics as a tool on your journey with God. It might even be a tool God uses on His journey with you.

For “interested skeptics” who are not yet ready to come to church but are considering it, as well as new believers looking for something to put them on the path of regular reflection and prayer—experience community by finding that you’re not the only one with questions about faith.