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144 pages
Apr 2005
Regal Books

The Worship God is Seeking

by David Ruis

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David Ruisí The Worship God is Seeking is a powerful discussion of issues related to the kind of worship which is worthy of the King of Kings.

Songwriter and worship leader, David Ruis, discusses his worship philosophies, many times noting the depths of the riches of God yet to be examined. Ruis, a seasoned veteran of worship, details his experiences with different cultures and churches worldwide. His view is not limited to the church he currently attends, worthy as it is, his view encompasses the entire Body of Christ. With words for those who do not currently experience freedom in worship, as well as for those who are experimenting in worship, this book is a worship classic.

The passage on every tribe and tongue reduced me to tears. Ruis speaks of a Nepali cultural gathering where he was to teach on worship. He did not utter a word other than encouragement. Spontaneous authentic worship of God ensued and lasted for some six hours. Ruis knows how to step aside and let the Holy Spirit do his thing.

Ruis has a way of making every worshipper of God feel worthy. Even those who do not lead worship will gain valuable insights into the worship of Lord God Almighty. This is not a self-indulgent look at worship, Ruis speaks unobtrusively and from the heart with much of his text backed by scripture or spiritual giants like Tozer and Wimber. With passages applicable to church leadership and individual worshippers, I highly recommend this book for all followers of Christ. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

True worship can only be understood as it exists in the kingdom of God. When we see God's sovereignty over all things, it becomes clear that the work of the cross of Christ is what allows us to draw near to God in worship. During Christ's time on Earth, He left a legacy that teaches us what it means to worship with our lives, our hearts and our every thought and action. As we begin to see worship through God's eyes, we are captivated and filled with gratitude while we wait for the culmination of God's kingdom to come on Earth.

Find out how you can draw closer to the God who came near and who continues to seek your presence.