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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Mar 2005
Regal Books

A Woman's Forbidden Emotion

by H. Norman Wright & Gary J. Oliver

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There are many books out there in the field of anger management. Is another one worth reading? Most definitely, if it is A Woman’s Forbidden Emotion. Norm Wright and Gary Oliver are cherished by many women for their forthright, empathetic collaborations on family, marriage, and women. This newest book focuses on helping women with their anger problems. Where did these two men get such information? From years of counseling, talking with, and listening to women.

Capably presenting big thoughts in simple format, Wright and Oliver open with a general discussion of anger in women, looking at social and familial roots, as well as anger’s pain and proper use. They present an in-depth definition of anger, recognizing its manifestations and tying it to our other emotions. Then the discussion is widened to include each one of us, and how and why we handle anger in the flawed ways we do.

All of this information grows from first-hand knowledge gained in actual counseling situations and is firmly embedded in Scripture. Each subject culminates in hands-on “Take Action” sections. The sub-title of this book, How to Own, Express and Use Your Anger to Grow More Spiritually and Relationally Alive, explains the authors’ aim. Seeking to draw women into an understanding of God’s take on anger, they consider many harmful elements such as societal and Christian misbeliefs, disparities in training between girls and boys, and common prejudices women face. Appropriate anger usage is nurtured throughout the narrative. The last few chapters end with very positive suggestions for learning to accept and use your own anger under God’s direction.

Women encouraged Wright and Oliver to write A Woman’s Forbidden Emotion, and women will certainly find great solace and enlarging in this book. Men also will find it useful, both in understanding their women, and by applying much of it to themselves. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Did you know that it’s OK to get angry? In fact, anger is a proper and godly response to some of the challenges we face. Written specifically for women and counselors, A Woman’s Forbidden Emotion displaces the popular notion that good Christian women shouldn’t get angry—not for any reason, not at anyone, not ever. While the Bible instructs that believers should be long-suffering, it also shows how anger can be a vital tool in God’s hands for bringing about needed change. Drawing upon surveys of thousands of women from all walks of life, H. Norman Wright and Gary Oliver have put together a book filled with encouraging counsel for dealing with the unique pressures women face. Learn how owning, expressing and using your anger is both necessary and beneficial.