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Trade Paperback with CDs
224 pages
Jan 2005
Regal Books

Raising Up Spiritual Champions: Teach Children to Think and Act Like Jesus

by  Gospel Light

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Gospel Light’s Raising Up Spiritual Champions is an all-inclusive discipleship curriculum for 9-12 year olds. According to Barna Research, if a child does not receive Christ before the teenage years, the chances of doing so at all is slim. Therefore, Gospel Light employs a sports theme to involve the entire church in community building for the sake of the kids.

George Barna provides a brief forward while an editorial team compiled this sports discipleship program. Each book includes a CD-ROM with printable student/parent pages, clip art, articles on developmental stages, and troubleshooting help. A music CD is also included, with varying musical styles including pop, rap, calypso, and renaissance. My daughter couldn’t help but dance to the catchy biblically-based songs. Children and adults will really enjoy this music program.

In the teacher training materials, readers will glean wisdom for application in dealings with similarly aged children. When using this program, it is advised that readers provide the training materials early to teachers, as they encourage the trainers to devote themselves to prayer, preparation, and focusing on the children—quite a refreshing exhortation. The authors also include reminders about community building, ministry-mindedness, and leading children through profession of faith in Christ without manipulation.

What enjoyable curriculum! It is packed full of resources, which could be applied to any size group or any type of study: Sunday school, kids’ clubs, midweek programs, and small groups. The developmental information provided is an excellent supplement to other children’s ministry training. The program would work well with a home church, as its focus is on relationship and community building. I highly recommend this book to churches of all types: it is an invaluable resource and will likely benefit your children for eternity. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A Discipleship Course for Ages 9 to 12

Raising Up Spiritual Champions provides a way to help kids answer the big questions about what it means to think and act like Jesus every day of their lives! This eight-session discipleship program provides the tools teachers need—from meaningful discussion questions to creative activities, from student pages to parent pages—to nurture lifelong spiritual growth in their students. Because most children’s spiritual beliefs are in place by age 13, it’s crucial that they acquire a biblical foundation for how they view themselves and the world. This program will help leaders teach God’s truth during these all-important preteen years!

Features and Benefits

  • CD-ROM containing everything in this book, including awards, Student and Parent Pages, publicity flyers, customizable forms, clip art and more!
  • 8 reproducible sessions with discussion questions and fun activities
  • Reproducible music CD with 12 praise and session-related songs
  • How-tos for setting up the program
  • 12 teacher-training articles
  • Student Pages for use in class and at home to build discipleship habits
  • Parent Pages that support parents in their role of spiritual teachers
  • Teaching resources, including skits, discussion cards, games and more

Reproducible Manual with CD-ROM and Music CD