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Sep 2003
Regal Publishing

Winning Over Weaknesses: How to Turn Them Into Strengths

by Jesse Dillinger

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Want a secret source of strength? Jesse Dillinger, noted Christian Marriage and Family Therapist, knows the source: redirecting your weaknesses. Winning Over Weaknesses gives full directions for How to Turn Them into Strengths. Not only does Dillinger have professional expertise, she also recognizes her own weaknesses. And, to add the icing to this cake, she trusts her Lord in all things.

An introductory section opens and explains this study, providing Scriptural basis. The chapters consider these multi-layered areas: fear, anxiety, insecurity, anger, pride, extreme behaviors and emotions, confusion, excessive self-focus, and repeated weaknesses. Each chapter follows the same pattern: consideration of the birth and growth of each weakness and its various facets; true-life problems from Dillingerís practice illustrate each of these facets, closing with clear directions for working on the cure. Since problems usually happen in clusters, a chart ends each of these discussions which refers to a list of Companion Weaknesses found at the end of this book. Returning to the Scriptural basis, the epilogue further encourages the reader.

Jesse Dillinger knows her subject, and presents it clearly and concisely. She has a facility for explaining deep thoughts and difficult subjects simply, with great insight. Winning Over Weaknesses will be useful in many ways, including personal study, group study, and as a pastor/counselor/teacher/parent reference volume. Written for adults, high school and university students will also benefit from this book. -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Jesse Dillinger gives practical advice to readers about how to transform long-term personality problems into assets. Ten broad categories such as Fear, Anxiety, Insecurity, and Anger, incorporate short, direct chapters to address specific personal issues (sample titles: "Havenít I Been in This Relationship Before?" "When I Slow Down I Feel Anxious," "People Donít Meet My Standards," "Never Mind the Budget, Iíll Buy It Anyway"). With this book and Godís help, every reader can take a shortcut to freedom from chronic psychological and emotional problems, turning his or her weaknesses into true strengths.