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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Aug 2004
Regal Books

The Measure of a Man

by Dr. Gene Getz

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The Measure of a Man by Gene A. Getz is geared for men's Bible study or daily devotions. Though Getz has written over 50 books and hosts a 15-minute daily radio program, this was my first time to read one of his books.

In this book, the author uses examples from his own life. He discusses how Christians are under the microscope concerning how we live our lives, and how we are to overcome self-centeredness. Getz recalled, "During my college years, I had a very self-centered roommate. Everyone who had a close relationship with this young man came to this same conclusion. In fact, almost everyone who knew I shared a room with him felt sorry for me. Because I am by nature tolerant of others' weaknesses, I did my best to make this relationship work. Yet the more I gave in to my roommate's whims and whishes, and the more I tolerated his irritating behavior, the more he seemed to take advantage of me. As we sat together talking one evening, his actions pushed me over the edge. All the resentment and frustration I had allowed to build within me for many months came pouring out. I told him not only how I felt but also how every-one else felt. Fortunately, God used this confrontation to get his attention."

In the chapter, Becoming a Faithful Man, Getz recalls speaking at a seminar on the attributes of a faithful man. Getz was amazed when two men told him they had heard all these qualifications before. They were new Christians, and said that as managers, they used these standards when hiring employees. These businessmen wanted men who were truthful and faithful with their wives. Employees, who cheat on their wives, will cheat on the company. Getz pointed out that the Apostle Paul used this outline of a faithful man 2,000 years ago.

Other topics Getz addresses include living a balanced life, self-discipline, and godly fathering. A paperback, The Measure of a Man is twenty chapters long, just right to go through in a month. At the end of each chapter are questions, which are ideal for the individual reader or for group discussion. – Josiah Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In this revised edition of the best-selling book The Measure of a Man, Gene Getz delivers the newly enhanced message of what it takes to be a man of God. Men will gain encouragement for what they can be in Christ—as fathers, husbands, and mentors to other men. Since 1974, The Measure of a Man has taught hundreds of thousands of men around the world how to live according to God’s direction—faithfully, lovingly and spiritually. True masculinity is not measured by a man’s strength, but by these 20 biblical guidelines. With life applications and words of inspiration, here is Gene’s greatest work—fully rewritten and updated to reach the new generation of modern men.