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160 pages
Mar 2004
Regal Books

A Lamp Unto My Feet: The Bible's Light for Your Daily Walk

by Elizabeth Elliot

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Elisabeth Elliotís devotional, A Lamp Unto My Feet, is the fruit of her many years of personal musings. With scripture, some poetry and many personal insights, this book is meant to be read over the course of six months. Missionary to the Auca Indians, who slayed her husband Jim Elliot, Elisabeth writes with the wisdom of her age on the page of her experience. Broken down into six sections each comprising one month of readings, Ms. Elliotís works are likely meant to be a companion for My Utmost for His Highest.

However, an early passage seems to lay a heavy burden on those struggling in darkness. Within ďOne Reason For Darkness,Ē Ms. Elliot states, ďMany great saints have experienced Ö a dark night Ö But for the rest of us who are a long way from that most intimate fellowship, there is another, much more common reason for darkness. We find it is Psalms: ĎSome sat in darkness, dark as death, prisoners bound fast in iron, because they had rebelled against Godís commands and flouted the purpose of the Most High (107:10-11).í Before we dignify our own experience of darkness by identifying it with the classic mystic experience, it might be well to see if we have not disobeyed the Lord in some way or have been angry at Him because His purpose is at odds with our cherished plans.Ē

The seeming lack of compassion in the above quoted passage, eradicated the gentle voice of Elisabeth Elliot I had known from a teenage reading of Passion and Purity. When once I longed to read her words, I found myself wrestling with the harsh judgment, which greeted me on Day Four, Month One. If you love Ms. Elliotís works as I, consider skipping this day. It echoed through my mind in every other day I read and made the book a heavy burden. If you are in a dark place, I do not recommend this book. If you are in a place of peace and prosperity, perhaps you will find Ms. Elliotís words a comfort. Ė Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Elisabeth Elliot had an early acquaintance with the Bible. Before she could read or write, Godís holy words were read aloud to her twice a day. In her life, this gift of a deep and personal association with Scripture has been priceless: a drink in times of thirst, an inspiration in times of fear and a light in times of darkness. Join Elisabeth Elliot for six months of daily meditations, each holding the power to bring you deeper into Godís abiding love. Every selection will inspire a hunger for Godís provision in your heart, yielding a desire to return again and again to His holy Word.