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Trade Paperback
120 pages
Feb 2004
Regal Books

Soul Survivor: Finding Passion and Purpose in the Dry Places

by Mike Pilavachi

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Soul Survivor, by Mike Pilavachi, attempts to bring purpose and meaning to our dry places. He submits that these valleys, which all people walk through, are an opportunity for us to become who God wants us to be. Our journey with God begins there.

The author postulates that it is in the dry places that God can mold us best. It is at these times that we come face to face with pain, desperation, humility, helplessness, and ultimately, God Himself. Mike Pilavachi is the founder of Soul Survivor, a movement that seeks to evangelize, disciple, equip, and empower young people to have impact with there peers. He also speaks and is a pastor of a church in England.

Pilavachi states in the first chapter "There is purpose in the desert. The purpose is that we should return from the desert no longer leaning on our own understanding, strengths and talents but instead leaning on the Lord, whom we have discovered there to be our lover. In order to lean on Him, we must first acknowledge that we cannot walk by ourselves. Then we have to trust that the One we lean on will support us and hold us. Dependence and intimacy are the two major lessons we learn in the desert." This is the theme of the book and he includes story after story of examples of this theme live out.

This book is refreshing, in that it provides hope to those living in a painfully dry place. Many today want to experience the mountaintop and expect to stay there. Pilavachi responds that "the valleys are not pauses between mountains; they are where Christianity is lived out." This book hammers home that valleys cannot and should not be avoided if we want God's best for our lives. This book is great for anyone who wants to make sense of painful times in his or her lives. -- Dave Walters, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

What is the purpose of the spiritual desert—those times when you feel distanced from your dreams, as though you’re walking through quicksand toward an unattainable goal? This is your chance to discover meaning in the dry places.

Mike Pilavachi, leader and founder of the Soul Survivor youth movement, has touched and inspired thousands with his message that the desert is ultimately a place we should desire to be. Like a crucible, the desert burns away all of the waste in our lives, giving way to pure character and humility. Only when we come to the end of ourselves and our desire for independence can we come to the beginning of God.

Pilavachi instructs, “Don’t settle for a superficial version of Christianity. Superficial Christianity is the most boring thing in the world. Go for broke. Ask your Lord to take you deeper. Choose to live in adventure. Then you will come up from the desert, leaning on the Lord, your lover, ready to be a voice and not another echo, equipped to change the world.”