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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Apr 2006
Kregel Publications

Brigid of Ireland

by Cindy Thomson

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Brigid is taken away from Brocca, her slave mother, at a young age.  Life does not get better for her as she becomes the slave of her greedy father.  While in her fatherís household she grows up under the watchful eye of his cook.  Cook, a friend of Brigidís mother, had promised to look after Brigid and to share her faith.  Brigid clings to this Christian faith and she soon starts performing incredible miracles.  

While this could be a story of hope in most settings, in pagan Ireland it makes Brigid the target for those around her.  While the homeless enjoy the benefits of Brigidís miracles, they are very leery of Brigid and never stray far from their pagan ways.  Rumors of Brigidís miracles soon become widespread and her father begins to panic as he is certain Brigid is giving away his wealth.  Finally with an excuse to be rid of her, he takes her to King Dunlaing.  The king gives Brigid the freedom she longs for so that she can begin the journey to find her mother.   

Brigidís journey soon brings danger as a pagan droid, Ardan, sets out to destroy her.  The journey is long and she has much to learn.  Many wonder if she is truly a servant of God and if so, why He has chosen her.  Along the way Brigid makes some unlikely allies and those in her path cannot help but assist her in her journey.  Brigid seems to judge no one and God blesses her with much.  Will Brigid ever find her mother?  Will her journey with God give her the heart to forgive her father for treating her as just another slave girl?  Will Brigid ever have the freedom to share her faith without fear?  

While not biblically grounded, readers can enjoy this wonderful work of fiction.  This novel provides insight into pagan-dominated Ireland, through Brigidís exciting journey across the landscape of Ireland. Ė Brandi Webster, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Brigid is born in 5th century pagan-dominated Ireland, the daughter of a slave woman, and a slave herself to her brutal father. Torn from her mother, desperately seeking love and acceptance, Brigid converts to the new religion popularized by the traveling preacher Patrick - and the miracles start.

But so does the opposition, from rulers and sorcerers opposed to her faith and growing fame. The Irish people cling to superstitions and fears. Can she overcome them Ė and face her hatred for her father? Can she find the mother she misses so acutely? Has she truly been called by God?