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Trade Paperback
560 pages
Jul 2004
Kregel Publications


by Jeanette Windle

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Prison did not hold Julio Vargas, Sara Conner’s deadliest enemy. He has been bought out of the prison and is paid to train an elite group of terrorists—a group like the United States Special Forces.

Sara Conner is unaware of Vargas’s release from the prison and settles into her new life as a teacher and independent woman. With her newfound confidence and sense of self, she contemplates a new relationship with DEA agent Doug Bradford. But Bradford turns up missing.

Written off by his own agency as dead, no one bothers to look for Bradford, or to investigate his disappearance. In the DEA’s eyes, Bradford is following his own agenda, and they don’t appreciate it. But Sara Conner isn’t buying it. Bradford is the most trustworthy person she knows. She begins her own investigation, which uncovers information the DEA missed, and she and two agents set off to trace Bradford’s last steps.

FireStorm follows on the heels of CrossFire, which introduces Sara Conner and her unwitting marriage into a family of criminals that DEA Doug Bradford brings to justice.

Windle’s knowledge of Columbia and Bolivia bring to life rich details of this area of the world famous for its constant conflict, drug smuggling and strife. Readers will feel the cloying heat of the tropics and lose themselves in the pages of a thriller with a Christian hero and heroine.

Intrigue, believable bad guys, smart heroes and God’s truth—Firestorm has it all and is written with exceptional skill in an arena that holds the elements of today’s world, both good and bad, in a believable and thought provoking test of faith, skill and determination. – Dian Moore, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

This heart-pounding sequel to CrossFire brings the drug wars and terrorism of Bolivia into the heartland of America.

Last time Sara Connor barely escaped the ruins of the Cortez drug empire with her life. Now all she wants is to figure her life out and find sanctuary in Miami. But her enemies are back and they're bringing a firestorm to her homeland.

Sara Connor, the reluctant heroine of CrossFire, barely escaped the ruins of the Cortez drug empire. All she wants now is to figure her life out and find sanctuary in Miami. But the enemy is back, bringing terrorism to the heart of her homeland. This time more is at stake . . . an entire nation is caught in the crossfire. As the child of missionary parents, Jeanette Windle grew up in the rural towns of Colombia, which are now guerrilla hot zones. Her research and writing is so realistic that it has prompted government agencies to question her to determine if she has received classified information.