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Trade Paperback
526 pages
Aug 2004
Kregel Publications


by Ward Tanneberg

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John Cain wants his daughter back. But no one knows where she is. In Without Warning, the first book in this series, Pastor John Cain and his daughter were touring the Holy Lands when they became separated. Cain’s tour bus was hi-jacked by terrorists. Cain was able to stop part of the terrorist’s plan, but he is now in the states and the government isn’t doing enough to get his daughter back.

The terrorist Cain defeated in the first novel, Marwan Dosha, is determined to win. His people have Cain’s daughter. However, no trace of Jessica surfaces until two unlikely characters recognize the young girl. But until then, the search seems futile.

Jessica Cain is 12-years old when the novel opens, and realizes she is the prisoner of the Palestinian Islam Jihad. Quick-witted and courageous, Jessica works on freeing herself in the middle of a strange land where she doesn’t speak any of the languages, and where everyone seems to be an enemy.

But the enemy has a face in Vanished, too, and Jessica learns there are kindness, humanity and courage sprinkled throughout the human race-- even in the midst of the most horrible situations.

The action and fast-pace of this novel are remarkable and will challenge readers to finish it in one sitting—-all 525 pages. The plot takes amazing twists and turns, and Tanneberg is a genius at keeping the stakes high.

The book alternates between Jessica’s and her father’s viewpoint, at once providing a look into the frustration of a parent and the panicked, but resourceful, actions of his child. A definite page-turner, Vanished is full of well-drawn characters, realistic emotion, excellent plotting and pacing, and it definitely doesn’t fall into the chasm of boring fiction.

Ultimately, Tanneberg has succeeded in portraying ordinary people who become righteous warriors of God in a thriller that might not only hold its own, but also out-distance mainstream novels. –- E. Dian Moore, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

This electrifying and heart-pounding sequel to Without Warning combines a profound understanding of a terror-filled world with realistic portrayals of Christ at work in people's lives. Held hostage in Israel by radical Islamic terrorists, Jessica Cain's survival hangs on a chance encounter with a total stranger and the slim possibility that somehow her father will find her.