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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Feb 2006
Kregel Publications

Pieces of Silver

by Maureen Lang

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Pieces of Silver by Maureen Lang tells a story of love, intrigue, loyalty, and betrayal. Liesel Bonner is a patriotic American citizen living in Washington D.C. at the beginning of World War I. When she learns a surprising truth about her longtime friend and lover Josef von Woerner, she must consider where her allegiance truly lies.

Throughout the book, Liesel wrestles with the concepts of loyalty, betrayal, honor, and obligation. As the title suggests, she draws parallels between her situation and the story of Judas betraying Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. As her situation grows more complicated, she must sort through conflicting emotions and rely on God’s strength to do the right thing.

Overall, the author tells a compelling, thought-provoking story, but the ending does not completely satisfy the reader. Although the finale successfully builds to a climax, there is nothing special about the standard action scenes at the end. In addition, the last scene leaves unanswered questions regarding the fate of the main antagonist.

The writing quality also needs improvement. Parts of the narration could be clearer and tighter. Despite its shortcomings, Pieces of Silver offers an enjoyable tale that is moving at times. It combines strong elements of romance with intrigue and suspense. Although it targets a female audience, males can appreciate the book as well. Maureen Lang has promise as a storyteller. – Jonathan Young, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Liesel Bonner never questioned her devotion to her country. But because of her heritage, her country questions her. Despite the fact that no one has any proof of her disloyalty, Liesel is fired from her stenographer's position and has great difficulty finding another job because few people trust those with a name as German as her own. When she begins to suspect that the man she loves is involved in espionage against America, Liesel knows she has to do something. As her trust for others crumbles, Liesel finds that only God's loving protection—and the enigmatic agent who is tearing her world apart—can save her.