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Trade Paperback
144 pages
Jan 2007
Kregel Publications

Andrea Carter and the Dangerous Decision (Circle C Adventures)

by Susan K. Marlow

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Set in the era when kids rode horses to school, Andrea Carter and the Dangerous Decision opens with a spectacular horse race – until a stranger steps in the way. The stranger turns out to be the new teacher who’s determined to implement strict discipline into the small town school. Strong-willed Andrea, who prefers overalls to dresses, tries to make up for the near-trampling by pleasing the teacher any way she can. All of her attempts are thwarted by a rival classmate who tattles all of Andrea’s faults. When an escaped criminal demands a hostage from the school, Andrea must choose between saving her own life or taking the place of her rival.

Author Susan K. Marlow fills 139 pages with adventure and just plain trouble for our heroine. Written for young adults, I recommend this paperback for 9 to 12-year-olds. This age group will feel comfortable with the modest amount of predictability, clichéd mishaps, and the creative surprises in this story.

Readers relate to Andrea and feel sympathetic when she inadvertently finds herself once more in trouble. Andrea Carter and the Dangerous Decision follows the first book in this series, Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home, using the heart-winning combination of girls and horses to teach kids important life lessons about love and perseverance. – Estee Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In this sequel to Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home, Andi nearly tramples her new teacher in a reckless, impromptu horse race down the main street of Fresno--not a good way to begin the school term. Andi must also cope with the teacher's irritating daughter, who uses her father's prejudice to continually get Andi in trouble. Learning to forgive Virginia is a test Andi repeatedly fails, but when an escaped convict bursts into the schoolroom and snatches Virginia as a hostage, Andi shows her true character by taking the terrified girl's place. Andi's frightening experiences with her outlaw captor result in a new understanding of what the Golden Rule really means.