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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Dec 1969
Kregel Publications

Thinking Against the Grain

by N. Allan Moseley

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"The problem is that some Christians began the Christian life when they were physical children and have stayed in childhood spiritually," says Allan Moseley. "Their capacity to think and their knowledge of the culture has matured, but their biblical understanding has remained at the level of a child."

That quote summarizes the challenge presented by Moseley in Thinking Against The Grain: Developing A Biblical Worldview In A Culture Of Myths. Dr. Moseley describes dangers we encounter when we love God from a feel-good perspective instead of with our full mental capacity. "Wrongful thinking" diminishes authentic spirituality, whereas "right thinking" that is biblically based is within our grasp.

Moseley explains, "God's Word gives us help, insight, and direction for our modern problems." He is convinced that a thorough understanding of the Bible will enable us to hear God's voice clearly, before we stumble into sin.

Moseley pulls no punches. Homosexuality, money, government, abortion, and illicit sex are all on his radar screen. Repeatedly he brings us back to a biblically correct vision. He concludes, "[God] can change the way we think as we allow Him to shine the light of His Word into our minds."

Anyone seeking a deeper relationship with God will be able to refocus on that effort by reading and studying this book. Open your Bible with Moseley and you will "cultivate the mind of Christ." -- Clifford E. Denay, Jr., Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In a world of relativism and political correctness, this highly readable book answers the question, "What does it really mean to be a Christian?" Understanding how the truths of the Bible intersect with cultural ideas and values is increasingly critical for Christians in a pluralistic society. Whether recognized or not, each person, believer or unbeliever, holds a set of values and beliefs that affect every decision made. These closely held values and beliefs comprise that person's worldview.

Few of us have a clear understanding of what our own worldview actually is - and what it should be according to biblical truth. Thinking Against the Grain explores how a biblical Christian processes and approaches the world, and then it develops the contours of a biblical worldview in order to identify its practical implications.