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Trade Paperback
412 pages
Jul 2004
Kregel Publications

But Lord, I Was Happy Shallow: Lessons Learned in the Deep Places

by Marita Littauer

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Covering topics from plugged toilets to high fashion shoes, But Lord, I Was Happy Shallow is a series of devotions for women. The general editor, along with 90 of her closest friends, contributed to this nearly 400-page paperback book.

The book is divided into fifteen sections—everything from Sports to Dallying and from Love/Marriage to Garden/Outdoors—in other words, something for everyone. Each devotion within the sections has a key verse at the beginning.

Although many of the topics are ones all women could identify with, there are several that are, well, “shallow,” and probably would have been best omitted. Although I’m sure the writers truly did learn from their experiences, it is difficult to imagine that, for example, someone would subject her hair to three chemical treatments in the space of an eight-hour period, all for the sake of vanity—then draw a spiritual application from it. Color me skeptical! Or that a woman would, without hesitation and without adequate explanation or preparation, subject herself to repeated dermatology procedures, just because she was scheduled to be on national TV in one week. Excuse me? Did someone say, “Shallow?”

Lest the reader think that the book majors in “shallow,” there are several good chapters regarding life-changing events that shaped thinking women. Everyone, at one time or other, has faced a holiday when she least felt like celebrating, or has dealt with serious health issues that have caused her to rearrange priorities in life. We all learn lessons from our children, our spouses, and other people with whom we have relationships. These are issues of substance that all readers can learn from and most can identify with at some level.

One woman wrote of moving back to her hometown to be near her parents to help care for her mother, who had Alzheimer’s disease. Sharing openly and honestly of the changes that this entailed in her own life, her conclusion speaks volumes: “For a long time I felt that I’d given up so much, but in reality I was being given so much more. While I experienced heart-wrenching pain knowing that Mama was ill and would never be the same, God gave me glimpses of His tenderness and care.”

Devotional books, by their very nature, appeal to a broad cross section of readers. Unfortunately, But Lord, I Was Happy Shallow seems to appeal not so much to those women who think deeply about their faith, but rather to those who want a quick read and who can find spiritual significance in their grocery list. -- Pam Barcalow, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

This book, from the president of CLASServices, Inc., is more than a collection of meaningful stories. It is a powerful affirmation of the lessons learned in difficult places. After all, today's tears are often tomorrow's fond memories.