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Trade Paperback
322 pages
Jan 2004
Kregel Publications

Encountering New Religious Movements

by Irving Hexham, Rost, Morehead

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“Our Lord has called us all to carry His message to today’s world. Sometimes it almost seems an impossible task. From cults to Satanism, just how do we present a relevant gospel? Encountering New Religious Movements presents well thought out, understandably explained proposals for bringing the Light right to the heart of new movements. Blending apologetics (defense and proof of the truth of the Gospel), and missiology (multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural reflection on all aspects of the propagation of the Christian faith) this book encourages the Christian witness to follow Christ’s example of incarnational ministry; that is, living with, coming to understand, the people we seek to save. Three sections make up this book: perspectives, explanations, and contextualization; aspects and methods of reaching new movements; and, practical applications. All three sections combine the proficiency and knowledge of the various writers with relevant scriptural and historical data. The third section uses tested field models to encourage and teach strategies for reaching such groups as: Latter Day Saints, Christadelphians, New Spirituality; Wiccan and Mother Goddess; New Age; LaVeyan Satanism; and, Alternative Healers. Pointed study questions end each chapter. Copious footnotes are spread throughout the text. A helpful forward introduces the individual writers and their backgrounds. A Recommended Reading List, Scripture Index, and Subject Index close this volume.

“The introduction to Encountering New Religious Movements states: the book is an ideal reader for university courses on contextualized ministry, evangelism, and courses dealing with what have traditionally been called ‘the cults.’ The General Editors, Professor of Religious Studies Irving Hexham, Pastor Stephen Rost, and Director of Watchman Fellowship John W. Morehead II, provide great experience and knowledge in the field of reaching new religions for Christ as they present this book. Written in the language of academia for students and professionals, the layman will find Encountering New Religious Movements well worth wading through and then using in the field.” – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

This groundbreaking work showcases a new approach for reaching new religious movements, cults, and sects. Countless new religious movements (NRMs) have sprung up across the United States and around the world in the last century. The many scholars and pastors contributing to this book have found that the best way to approach these groups is not to point out Biblical heresies and doctrinal aberrations, but instead to view NRMs as mission fields, much like we view foreign people groups. The authors of this volume demonstrate that the gospel needs to be contextualized for NRMs and that evangelists will want to be incarnational in their approaches. Using historical accounts and biblical basis, these top missiologists present their methodology and practical advice for reaching out to groups such as the Latter-day Saints, New Age, New Spirituality, Wicca, Mother Goddess, and Satanism.