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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Sep 2006
Kregel Publications

Glastonbury Tor: A Novel

by LeAnne Hardy

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It was a time of chaos.

Colin Hay seeks truth. He seeks forgiveness. And he especially seeks protection from his barbarous father. After nearly being killed in a fit of rage, Colin flees to the Glastonbury Abbey for protection. His arrival in Glastonbury, however, is not the end of his journey, only the beginning. Inside the ancient, mysterious walls of the abbey is hidden a chalice with apparent power, and a monk who will do anything to get his hands on it.

A boy’s search for answers, the Holy Grail, the widespread closing of English monasteries, a family’s willingness to risk its lives for the “crime” of reading God’s Word in their own language—this is Glastonbury Tor. Written by author and missionary LeAnne Hardy, the book unites several strong plotlines into a story that not only flows coherently but also is enthralling and thought-provoking. Though Hardy usually writes for children, she has proven with Glastonbury Tor that her stories can engage the minds and attention of those of all ages.

Writing a book in the first person can be risky, but Hardy’s use of that technique hardly limits the story. Weaving actual events, people, and places into fiction, she captures the feel of 16th Century England and the mindsets of its people who were searching for truth.

Glastonbury Tor combines elements from different genres, and while there are some slow-moving parts, it is overall very engrossing. While its rich descriptions, strong character development, and believable plot are all qualities of good writing, its message is not only commendable, but challenging and inspiring. – Elizabeth Goldsmith, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

When his mother dies, sixteen-year-old Colin is consumed with hate for his harsh, demanding father. Looking for a true relationship with Christ and purification for his hateful heart, he journeys to the historic monastery at Glastonbury, within whose walls lies the Holy Grail. In this captivating novel centered around Glastonbury Tor (Hill), a young man seeks salvation as the Catholic Church finds itself in turmoil during the reign of Henry VIII.