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Trade Paperback
272 pages
Sep 2007
Broadman & Holman

A Threat to Justice (The Justice Riders Book 2)

by Chuck Norris w. Ken Abraham

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A Threat to Justice is the second book in the Christian historical fiction The Justice Riders series by Ken Abraham, Tim Grayem, and Aaron and Chuck Norris (yes, that Chuck Norris).  Despite the star-power of Chuck Norris, and the expertise of the other authors in their various fields, A Threat to Justice does not deliver on the promise of a quality novel.

The concept of the book certainly intrigues: an elite team of Union soldiers, freshly discharged from their Civil War duties, go their separate ways and confront challenges in their transitions to civilian life.  In particular, the book focuses on Captain Ezra Justice, the team’s former leader, and his former slave-turned-freeman teammate Nathaniel York, who return to their home on a Tennessee plantation to find the Ku Klux Klan entrenched in the nearby town.  

Unfortunately, Justice falls far short of the premise’s potential.  All of the characters—the primary and secondary characters, including the heroes, villains, and neutral parties—are rendered flat, two-dimensional, stereotypical, and cartoonish.  The plot is rather predictable, the dialogue contrived, the descriptions poor, and the writing generally clichéd.  Too many cooks spoil the broth, and too many authors spoil the plot. The historical accuracy and many of the details in the book are questionable, including the descriptions and operation of some of the period firearms.

Despite all of this, the novel is not a complete loss.  The authors’ enthusiasm for their subject material is manifest, and the plot, though predictable, is still entertaining.  More significantly, the spiritual aspects of the book (unity of believers regardless of race, for example) were well thought-out—so much so that at times they were out of place in such a lightweight novel.  Younger Christian teen boys might appreciate the frequent, if unbelievabl,) action scenes and simplistically settled ending. – Jared Derby, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A Threat to Justice, book two in The Justice Riders series from Chuck Norris and friends, finds Ezra Justice and his elite group of special operation soldiers having gone their separate ways just after the Civil War. But not for long. When General Sherman needs a team to combat the armed resistances against President Grant and his efforts to reconstruct America, Justice rides again.

This heroic action tale of good versus evil, with elements of faith and romance, takes the Justice Riders everywhere from the Ku Klux Klanridden deep South to the adventure-filled goldmines of California.