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208 pages
Oct 2004
Broadman & Holman Publishers

The Unfinished Soul: Happening upon Jesus in the Happenstance of Life

by Calvin Miller

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If you want to know what sexual sanity and muffins have in common, this is your book.  Calvin Miller, poet, prolific writer extraordinaire, teacher, pastor, and a man who knows his own basic depravities, presents another peerless, down-to-earth, captivating book in The Unfinished Soul.  From Catholic cathedrals to Baptist halls, from the shawl of Paul to politically-correct Bible versions, Miller humorously and truthfully leads his audience into the abyss of human ignominy and even deeper underneath, into the everlasting arms of the Lord. Divided into seven sections, this book looks at some intriguing subjects, including, Christian loyalty, werewolves and the heart of hypocrisy, frying rabbits by the Christian calendar, and faith as portrayed by the lawn mower man and the church lady.   

 Miller states, " is rarely an orderly architecture...My best education came informally wrapped in band-aids."*  Born in Oklahoma in 1936, seventh of nine children, saved as a boy in a Pentecostal tent meeting, educated in a Baptist university, Miller's colorful background, enjoyment of his fellows, deep faith, gifted pen, and sanctified humor rollick and enchant throughout his writings.  He presents a well-rounded portrait of God, continually inviting the reader to meet and really get to know God.

 This book is definitely a must for Miller fans.  If you have never met Calvin Miller, here is your chance, and, you certainly don't want to miss it.  An olio of parables, poems, and irony, peppered with a dash of shaggy dog story, The Unfinished Soul, will delight, amuse, strip away pretensions, and help you grow.  Be prepared to muster your courage, muffle your ego, be willing to abide the truth, and relax as you read this book. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

 The Unfinished Soul, pg. ix

Book Jacket:

Calvin Miller is a writer’s writer—a renaissance man of letters. His insightful devotional musings have blessed countless souls along their faith journeys for decades. He has quietly and steadily practiced his craft of wordsmithing, with every stroke of his metaphorical pen delving into the depth of the mystery of God’s incarnational work in this world.

The Unfinished Soul represents another facet of Calvin Miller’s writing—more artistic, more introspective. Calvin mines his own inner being for the jewels of faith that are to be discovered there—some fully formed and shining like onyx while others are still forming—grace under pressure. The reader becomes a companion, observing the shaping of faithfulness in an unfinished soul.