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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Feb 2005
Broadman & Holman

Unshakeable: The Steadfast Heart of Obedience

by Jan Coleman

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In Jan Colemanís Unshakeable, believers are challenged to obey God at all costs. In every area, from love life to finances, God honors obedience.

Jan Coleman is a writer and conference speaker who honestly conveys her struggles with obedience. Never coming across as ďholier than thou,Ē Coleman writes with conviction. The stories vary from Colemanís daughter to Chuck Colson. Coleman draws heavily from her Sunday morning Bible study group, making one realize the value of diversity.

While the book is refreshing, it holds mostly happily-ever-after stories, in which all works out well for the believers. This is great encouragement, but hardly a true sample of the Christian life. Delving into the unknown outcomes of those currently grappling with obedience, rather than only the recollections of the triumphant, would have added much-needed depth and comforted a broader range of readers.

There wasnít much uncharted territory here. If you are new to the faith and looking for some encouraging stories, this is your book. If youíve been around the block a few times, this book may not scratch your itch. There are some pronoun issues when telling othersí stories where Coleman interjects her thoughts and it gets a bit confusing. Yet overall, Unshakeable is a good book with a happy ending, not a demanding read in any way. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Anyone who has encountered Jan Coleman knows her vivacious and joyous spirit is infectious. What is most striking about Jan is that she has such a spirit in spite of the hardships she has endured in her life. Her first book, After the Locusts, told of Godís faithfulness to restore, in full, the years of devastation that occurred.

Unshakeable shares more of her story and reveals what she has learned from her experiences of hardships (and yes the hardships have not fully gone away) and restoration. Jan has learned that above all the things God calls us to, at the core of us must be a heart of obedience.