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192 pages
Jan 2005
Broadman & Holman Publishers

The Jesus Habits: Exercising The Spiritual Disciplines Of Jesus

by Jay Dennis

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Want habits you don't have to break? The Jesus Habits presents thirty-one of them, all taken from observation of Jesus Christ as recorded in the gospels. As wide ranging as life itself, the habits, naming only a few, include: listening, worship, obedience, thankfulness, asking questions, esteeming women, keeping your word, fasting, money, confrontation, motivation, rest, and seclusion. Each chapter follows a similar plan--relevant gospel scripture, Jesus' model of this habit, enemies of the habit, suggestions drawn from both the Bible, and today's life for making the habit your own. Apropos side bars add interest to each chapter, presenting eye-catching information such as: ear worms; blind climber of Mt. Everest; silencing a big mouth; and cotton and aspirin.

Senior Pastor of a rapidly growing Baptist church, speaker, writer, and TV personality, Dr. Jay Dennis mined the gospels looking for what Jesus both taught and lived. The treasures he found are the thirty-one disciplines of The Jesus Habits. Centering on Jesus Christ, recognizing the spiritual struggles of his audience, Dennis bases this book on a simple plan, yet leaves ample latitude for the individual reader to seek ever greater spiritual depth.

Of interest to all sorts of people, housewives to business men, teenagers to retirees, The Jesus Habits book is useful for both group and individual study. This book also serves as a devotional and a reference for those days particular habits seem to ebb away. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

“What would Jesus do?” Perhaps the place to start is by answering another question: “How did Jesus live?” The promise in looking at the life of Christ is the thought that it is a life that can be imitated. Jay Dennis has unlocked the secret in The Jesus Habits.

The author presents the disciplines that shaped Jesus’ life. They were his priority and the touchstone to the rhythm of his day. They have been practiced for centuries by mystics, monks, and saints, but they can often be overlooked and undervalued in our fast-paced, hurried-and-harried modern lives. These habits are for everyone—the busy executive to the stay-at-home mom. These Jesus habits form distinguishable patterns in the life of Jesus that can become a reality in the life of any Christian.