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Trade Paperback
96 pages
Jul 2004
Broadman & Holman

Up Close With Jesus

by Steve Keels & L. Kimbrough

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In Up Close with Jesus by Steve Heels and Lawrence Himbrough, the layout is simple and the language is easy to understand. This book is presented as a study of the book of Luke for teens, making the language essential to help them grow and understand the Bible. And although it succeeds on that account, this commentary could be beneficial not only to teens but to new believers as well. One of the first things believers are told is to stay in the Word. For some, that is not an easy task, and this would help them tremendously.

The inclusion of graphics from the beginning of the book helps the reader through the passages. For instance, a light bulb indicates a definition. A Bible with a flame over it signals a scripture reference. Youth will respond to this! The text itself is broken down by chapter, then by verse, and reads like a devotional with questions at the end for application.

There are others available in this series, and they are priced affordably. This is so important, because many studies are too expensive for the average believer to afford, hindering their growth. Churches can easily afford one for each of their youth, and can reuse them if the students answer their questions on separate sheets of paper. The TruthQuest Commentaries are an awesome tool to help youth grow in the Lord. -- Tammy Hornbeck, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

True to the TruthQuest™philosophy, these “Getting Deep” commentaries go where few students have gone before, underground into some serious Bible study that drops them into historical settings, fishes around in doctrinal waters, and brings them up for air with biting questions that can’t be answered just “yes” or “no.”

Key to the concept are “tension” passages—tough-to-understand sections of Scripture where the answers aren’t easy to come by, but the wrestling is well worth the effort. Also included in the healthy collection of sidebars are “D-Fence” areas—verses and ideas that are crucial for defending your faith and understanding what you believe.

Yet even with the serious study angle, the look and mood of these commentaries are extremely engaging, easy to dip into and out of, a great tool for going straight through a Bible book or jumping into a chapter here and there . . . wherever you happen to be studying. Plus the portable packaging makes them a take-anywhere companion.