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256 pages
Sep 2003
Broadman & Holman Publishers

He's God and We're Not

by Ray Pritchard

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'If God is God, he must do many things that are far beyond our understanding. That truth does not answer all our questions, but perhaps it will enable us to quiet our hearts and to sleep at night when otherwise we wouldn’t be able to sleep at all.'

"To many people, becoming a Christian is the end of a long journey, but Pastor Ray Pritchard maintains that it is really the start of an exciting trip. He scoffs at the idea of a 'no hassle' life as a Jesus follower. 'In one sense, Christians have conflicts the unsaved never know about. Our rewards are great, but so are our struggles.'

"Whether a new or older Christian, this book is challenging with profound truths set forth in a readable, action-oriented way. Pastor Pritchard starts by describing God’s absolute power and our desperate need for Him; His provision as we obey; how to rejoice--especially in trials; and the great hope we have through Jesus. Throughout each chapter, he sprinkles questions to help us apply what he presents to our own relationship with God and others.

"'God’s goodness is proved not only in what He gives, but also in what He allows.' So remember, 'There are no shortcuts in spiritual maturity…give thanks to God even though your circumstances are not the best.'

"If you are ready to stretch, if you are ready to experience God even in the trifles of life, then this book is for YOU. From the first 'law'--He’s God and We’re Not--to the last 'law'--What God Starts, He Finishes, we are confronted with the power and grace of this precious God we serve." -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Several years ago Pastor Ray Pritchard set out on a journey. The destination of his journey was to discover the basic laws of the Christian’s life. Not surprisingly, his journey began and ended in the same place—God. Romans 11:36 poetically proclaims "for from Him and through Him and to Him are all things." All spirituality flows from a correct perspective of God, and all heresy begins with a misunderstanding of God. From this beginning, Pastor Ray compiled the Seven Laws of the Spiritual Life. These laws are the basic truths that every believer needs to know in order to have a healthy relationship with God.