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544 pages
Oct 2005
Broadman & Holman

The Assassins

by Oliver North & Joe Musser

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Oliver North and Joe Musser turn tomorrow's possible headlines into today's gripping international thriller in The Assassins. Their hero, Peter Newman, now a general, and his arch-nemesis, Dimitri Komulakov, from their previous novels, Mission Compromised and The Jericho Sanction, face off in a struggle for America's future.

General Peter Newman finds life working in the Homeland Security Agency boring, though he enjoys more time watching his children grow. When a new terrorist group assassinates the royal family of Saudi Arabia, Senator James Waggoner guides a new bill through the Congress setting up an assassination squad. Against his better judgment, the president signs the bill and then appoints Newman the leader of the squad.

Former Russian KGB spy, Dimitri Komulakov has provided nuclear weapons to the Islamic Brotherhood which is a front group for the Iranian government. In exchange for the Iranians agreeing to stop supplying the Chechyen terrorists, Komulakov is also leading the overthrow of the Saudi government and the Iranian attacks on the United States, Great Britain, and Israel.

With the help of a Christian Arab, Christian leaders in the US government learn that the Islamic Brotherhood intends to nuke several American cities on Nov. 11. While Newman receives orders to start assassinating terrorist leaders, Senator Waggoner diverts the assassination squad to go after his personal enemy. Tension builds as the mission for Newman and his squad changes to stopping the nuclear attack which will be launched from Venezuela.

The Assassins is such a realistic novel that I caught myself stopping to sort current world events from the novel. The authors capture the courage, sacrifice, and humanness of our military and the sordidness of those politicians who think their political ambitions are the nation's welfare. They also deal well with the international political realities, and, yes, France proves itself an unreliable ally again in the U.S.'s darkest hour.

Readers who enjoy Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn will appreciate this novel. North and Musser describe the weaponry, satellites, and high-tech gizmos that appeal to many male readers, while including complex characterization. Very few readers will object to the absence of bad language!

The only thing missing is a discussion of the ethics of assassination. Several of the administration members and Newman are Christians, but other than thinking the assassination idea is not good and will hurt the US's credibility in human rights negotiations, there's very little discussion from a spiritual angle. Newman and the heroic Sergeant Major Amos Skillings accept their orders without personal questions or objections. No one really addresses the question of whether assassinating evil government leaders and terrorists would be a sin.

In spite of that, the book is a gripping page-turner with a strong sense of reality. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Terrorists Launch Jihad! Oil Crisis Creates Soaring Gas Prices! Iranian Nuclear Weapons Threaten Peace! Venezuelan Strongman Blames U.S. for Assassination Attempt! Secret U.S. Special Operations Unit Suffers Casualties!

Sound like today’s headlines?

They are – and they are also the plot of The Assassins, the gripping, long-awaited finale to the New York Times bestselling novels Mission Compromised and The Jericho Sanction. And who better to write about the intrigue and excitement of these events than retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North? In the mid-1980s the decorated combat veteran coordinated highly sensitive, covert U.S. anti-terrorism efforts. Today, he reports regularly on the U.S. military for FOX News Channel as the Host of the award-winning War Stories series. North knows from personal experience, the places, people and military operations that appear in his novels.

In North’s New York Times bestselling fiction debut with co-author Joe Musser, Mission Compromised, he introduces Major Peter J. Newman, a U.S. Marine assigned to a top-secret National Security Council staff position. With rich details and plotlines born of his experiences, North explores the links between terrorist leaders and the questions raised in a post-9/11 world. His follow-up bestseller, The Jericho Sanction, continues the story following now Lt. Col. Newman’s near-assassination, the kidnapping of his wife, Rachel, and the search for nuclear weapons in Iraq.

As The Assassins opens, it’s autumn 2007 and radical Islamic terrorists have acquired weapons of mass destruction. An Iranian-directed terror movement aims first for the lifeblood of the U.S. economy -- oil. Well-coordinated attacks devastate the Saudi oil fields and the Royal family. The price of gasoline skyrockets. With winter approaching, home heating fuel can’t be found. The U.S. economy teeters on the brink of collapse. And then, America’s cities are placed in the crosshairs.

In Washington, a restive Congress condemns the administration for an intelligence failure more colossal than that of 9/11 -- and passes a bill lifting the longstanding prohibition on assassination. The normal rules no longer apply.

In this, his third book about U.S. Marine Peter Newman, North has created a fast-paced narrative ripped right from the “Worst Case Scenarios” kept under lock and key at the National Security Council, the Pentagon and the CIA. In an effort to stop the Iranian-directed final Jihad, Newman, is once again recruited to duty that threatens his family, challenges his faith and jeopardizes his life.

The assignment takes Newman and his “Special Operators” from the ruined oil-fields of the Middle East to oil-rich Caracas, Venezuela -- where a paranoid, Latin American strong-man has allied himself with America’s enemies. In the twilight world of counter-terrorism, where the boundaries between black and white, right and wrong turn grey -- Newman is confronted with epic life and death choices and decisions.

North employs his extensive military experience, expertise in combating terrorism and day-to-day work at FOX News covering the U.S. military in places like Iraq and Afghanistan to give The Assassins an adrenalin-pumping reality. Full of rich detail, authentic action and intrigue on a global scale, The Assassins also points to the role of faith in world events and who our allies really are in an ambiguous, uncertainty age.