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576 pages
Sep 2003
Broadman & Holman Publishers

The Jericho Sanction

by Oliver North

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"...moves readers along at a breathless pace" -- Bobbi Easler, Killeen Daily Herald

"a crisp, lean narrative [that] leaves more room for action...something The Jericho Sanction has in abundance." -- Jim Knippenberg, The Cincinnati Enquirer

" exciting read that could have come from today's headlines..." -- Christian Retailing

Book Jacket:

In The Jericho Sanction, the second in a three-book series of fiction thrillers, Oliver North continues the story of Peter Newman -- a Marine lieutenant colonel who had been assigned to the National Security Council to orchestrate the most sensitive covert action ever undertaken against America’s adversaries. It was an operation that went horribly wrong and Newman continues to pay the price. Delving once again into worrisome issues that have become all the more relevant since the devastating terrorist strikes in New York and Washington, D.C., two years ago, North continues to explore the likelihood that at least some nuclear weapons were stolen in the chaos that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the inevitability of those weapons eventually finding their way into the hands of nations that sponsor terrorism. He also continues to explore issues surrounding the targeted pursuit of top terrorist leaders and the heads of the rogue states that sponsor them.

At the close of Mission Compromised, North’s first novel, Lt. Col. Newman was nearly assassinated and charged with international terrorism by a renegade UN Deputy Secretary General, Dimitri Komulakov. His face is on international law enforcement “wanted” posters around the world. As a result, Newman and his wife Rachel have been hiding from the law, living under assumed names in Israel for three years.

Newman’s friend, General George Grisham, now Commander in Chief of the U.S. Central Command, has evidence that Saddam Hussein has acquired nuclear weapons. Grisham knows of only one person (except for the ousted UN weapons inspectors) who has been able to successfully get into and out of Iraq. He taps Pete Newman for another dangerous mission -- to locate the three hidden nuclear weapons that Saddam is planning to use against Israel and the West. Grisham contacts Newman and arranges to meet him at a most ironic place – the site where Newman and his wife were nearly killed by assassins three years earlier.