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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Jul 2007
Moody Publishers

Secret Diary Unlocked: My Struggle to Like Me

by Suzy Weibel

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In A Teenager’s Secret Diary Unlocked: My Struggle to Like Me, Suzy Weibel combines humor and real life experiences with God’s truth to inform teens of the basic dilemmas of being a girl. Weibel presents a fun and realistic approach to addressing issues such as understanding and getting along with boys one’s age or older; dealing with so-called girlfriends who turn into rivals for dates; coping with peer pressure at school and in sports; acting out via fits of teen rebellion; developing a relationship with mom; and trying to balance school and an active social life. As part of creating a feel that rings true, Weibel (now grown and married) includes excerpts from her diary as a thirteen-year-old girl who was desperately struggling to fit in. She reminds us that “God is tickled silly pink, madly in love with you,” and challenges teens to form a relationship with God. Suzy Weibel’s book is a pleasant reading experience that shares the truth of the Bible in a practical way teens will understand. -- Kayla Olson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Friends. Guys. Mom. God?

When she was 13-years-old Suzy Weibel wanted better hair. She couldn’t stop gushing about the man of her dreams (a new one each week). Her best friend betrayed her. Her mom didn’t understand what it was like to be a teenager . . . And she wrote it all down in her secret diary.

Suzy’s boy-crazy rants and her search for worth collided with her often transparent relationship with God. Her innate need for hope and healing led Suzy to write her deepest, most honest thoughts on these pages.

Then she grew up. And now Suzy reads her diary to you—so you can see that what used to be the end of the world is now just the beginning of the excitement . . .

“God wants to be first in our lives—whether we are thirteen, twenty, or forty years old, and regardless of our boyfriend status. He comes first.”