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176 pages
Sep 2008
Moody Publishers

What's Submission Got to Do with It?: Find Out From a Woman Like You

by Cindy Easley

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When was the last time you or I heard a sermon on submission? In this day of extreme feminists and highly exalted divas, the subject of submission seems almost echoes of a bygone era. For many, the term brings us images of a wife tied to a stove, one who answers a cheery agreement to everything her husband suggests.

Cindy Easley, nationally known speaker and commentator on Prime Time America and married to Michael Easley (Moody Bible Institute President Emeritus) takes a very biblical look at this important concept, starting with the question, “What was God thinking of?” The author ushers us into the Garden of Eden where God said, “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helpmate suitable for him”(Gen. 2:18). Anticipating some flack, Cindy goes on to define the term “helper” in Hebrew. The word used is the same word as in Ps. 30:10 which says, “Hear, oh Lord and be merciful to me, oh Lord be my help,” and Ps. 54:54 which says, “Surely the Lord is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.” Suddenly we see God calling women to share the same “helpfulness” trait God the Father manifests.

From this noble and elevated role, the author weaves a beautiful picture of submission. She examines what submission isn’t: it doesn’t mean women need to obey all men or wives need to put their ideas on “mute.” On the contrary, “godly submission allows for good discussion”(p. 74). She then links submission to respect for a husband.

The book then gives us a peek at three scenarios where women have learned to be submissive in difficult situations:

  • The woman who is primary caregiver to her invalid husband
  • The wife who has to take mother and father roles until her husband comes back from military service.
  • A marriage of two intelligent, professional, and highly visible people, Janet and Craig Parshall. Janet, host of her own nationally acclaimed radio program describes how submission plays out in their marriage.

The final section of this book asks and answers common questions many women might have about submission, including:

  • How is submission different from “giving in”?
  • What do you tell a woman whose husband says she must submit? (Hint, the Bible never gives a man permission to tell his wife to submit.)
  • How do you follow a husband who doesn’t know where he wants to go?

The author ends this little gem of a book with the life of Ruth Bell Graham. Ruth’s plucky spirit kept Billy, her husband rooted to real life. Once when asked if she and her husband always agreed on everything, she said, “My goodness, no! If we did, there would be no need for one of us.” T.S. Wilson, friend of Billy said of Ruth, “There would have been no Billy Graham as we know him today had it not been for Ruth.”

Cindy Easley, an opinionated, independent woman by her own admission, gives the reader one of the clearest understandings of submission I’ve heard. I’d recommend this fresh new look at God’s plan for a godly wife for any woman struggling with submission. Her explanations will clear up bitterness and confusion coming from past control issues in this very readable book. -- Carol G. Stratton,

Book Jacket:

Much writing about complementary roles in marriage treats the subject theoretically. But how does this actually work in the give-and-take of real marriages, with flawed husbands and flawed wives? What about marriages where the wife out-earns the husband, or has a powerful position outside the home? Scripture says that wives are to respect their husbands. When does “submission” cross the line into destructive co-dependency? Drawing from in-depth interviews, as well as Scripture and her own story, author and speaker Cindy Easley takes a candid, sometimes humorous, and always helpful look at what it means to submit in 21st-century marriages.