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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Aug 2004
Moody Publishers

When You Hurt and When He Heals: Experiencing the Surprising Power of Prayer

by Jennifer Kennedy Dean

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When You Hurt and When He Heals by Jennifer Kennedy Dean, gently leads readers to a deeper appreciation and application of their time spent in prayer. Written by a woman who confidently believes in Godís ability and desire to enter our lives, this devotional is filled with comforting as well as practical insights.

ďPrayer is a conduit through which the power of God flows.Ē This sentence, which seems to succinctly define the authorís view on prayer, starts readers off on this spiritual journey. The book is divided into four sections, with a logical and Scriptural flow of truths. The first section lays the foundation, encouraging readers to keep their eyes on God. The next sections deal with the healing of memories and relationships, including a final set of meditations giving guidance for living in wholeness and freedom. The progression of these devotionals will take readers to the source of healing first, and then show the inner and outer workings of true personal healing.

Yet, this is not a theological treatise on prayer; rather it is one woman sharing her heart with friends. There is a subtle urgency in these meditations, as the author sincerely and sweetly encourages her readers to enjoy a fuller relationship with God. The devotions are filled with real-life examples, insightful quotes, and reflective questions. This book is perfect for either personal or corporate prayer.

The main message of this book is that God desires to set us free. Whether itís from everyday human pain, or a habit or pattern of thought that limits us, readers will understand that God is able to touch the deepest recesses of our hearts and minds, and bring healing and hope. This set of devotions will encourage readers to open themselves up to the inner peace and healing that God offers.

Jennifer Kennedy Deanís writing style is friendly, with a quiet force behind it. She is woman of prayer and she deeply desires her readers to enter into life-changing conversations with God. Readers will have their confidence renewed as they approach the Throne of Grace with the authorís words encouraging them onward and upward. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Jennifer Kennedy Dean is an intercessor who has experienced the healing power of prayer. In When You Hurt and When He Heals, Jennifer guides you through a series of meditations designed to encourage and challenge you as you put your life in the hands of Almighty God, and allow Him to heal you - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.