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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Sep 2003
Moody Publishers

Only the Wind Remembers

by Marlo Schalesky

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"In Only the Wind Remembers, Marlo Schalesky brings to life the story of the last Yahi Indian. Ishi walks into 1911 civilization without anything from his former life, except a story he longs to tell. Allison, abandoned as a child, tries to be a perfect lady as the wife of anthropologist Thomas Morgan, but feels sheís a failure. Only the Indian her husband is caring for seems to understand her.

"As Allison and Ishiís friendship grows, she learns his language. He begins to tell her the story of Yuna, a girl longing for love but too dirty to ever be worthy of it, no matter how hard she tried to clean herself.

"A break-in at the museum and a letter of complaint threaten to destroy Thomasís reputation and send Ishi to a reservation. Allison hopes revealing she knows Yahi will help her husband and keep Ishi at the museum, but it only brings her shame and banishment from Ishiís presence.

"While based on historical fact about the last Yahi, many of the characters and events are fictional. The author begins the book slowly, touching on memories that have shaped the main characters. The unhurried pace continues throughout the book, but subtle suspense pulls the reader on. Itís a book to read and reread slowly, yet it burns to be finished in one sitting. If youíre looking for a tender, heartwarming read, pick this novel." -- Katie Hart, Christian Book Previews

Book Jacket:

Only the Wind Remembers is based on the true story of Ishi, the last surviving Yahi Indian, who emerged alone from the California wilderness in 1911 and was thrust into the bewildering world of San Francisco society. Allison Morgan, an assistant curator at the museum where Ishi is put on display, quickly forms a deep friendship with this "Stone Age" man. Abandoned in an alley as a child and unable to open herself up even to her husband, Allison can identify with Ishi's loneliness and fear. But the secret fable Ishi begins telling her gives Allison hope that things can be different. Will Ishi die before he can reveal to Allison the truth she was destined to hear?