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Trade Paperback
176 pages
May 2006
Moody Publishers

Identity Theft: Protecting Yourself from an Unprotected World

by Ethan Pope

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Identity Theft should be read thoroughly by all consumers, and then placed on their reference shelf for further study and aid. A frightening crime phenomenon, identity theft happens all around us. Are you safe? In Identity Theft, Moody Publishers and Ethan Pope have made it their priority to give you up-to-date, step-by-step, lucid, wide ranging instructions for protecting you and your family.

An ‘Evaluation Sheet’ for testing your susceptibility opens this information, with the reader now on the alert, this is followed up with an eye-widening discussion about how safe your name actually is. A searching look at the top 10 scams amplifies the “what” and “how” of identity theft. The development of a plan for protecting yourself at work, at home, and out in public, forms the meat of this subject. Sidebars provide tips with succinct aid; define the terms used, such as the difference between credit card fraud and identity theft; and give addresses, phone numbers, and internet sights for help agencies. Action Alert sidebars offer quick resumes of steps to take in certain situations, such as teaching your kids, and getting a free credit report. The how-to information just keeps pouring out of these pages. An Action Checklist for personal analysis of your risk level and as a quick reference of all the data presented closes this book.

Coming from a Christian publisher and author (Pope is the president of Foundations for Living) Identity Theft speaks forthrightly and is based in a strong ethical bank. Two other books in this worthwhile Financial Alert Series are Cashing It In, which considers the Christian viewpoint about the coming cashless society, and Social Security? What’s In It For You, about preparing for your retirement. Companies, individuals, groups, and families will find Identity Theft, and its companion volumes indispensable aids for learning to cope with today’s financial problems. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The third book in Pope's Financial Alert Series, this very real and highly relevant topic is already making headlines and affecting even the most unsuspecting people. The theft of identity through credit card scams, unscrupulous charitable agencies, and dishonest employees is epidemic and growing worse. Pope shares the alarming statistics and then outlines some real and practical steps an individual or family can take to avoid becoming just another faceless victim.