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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Aug 2006
Revell Books

Pig in a Taxi and Other African Adventures

by Suzanne Crocker

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What a gallimaufry of delights!  Between the covers of Pig in a Taxi the reader finds humor, joy, sorrow, wonderful adventures along with understandable, profound devotional materials, and remarkable information and prayer ammunition about missionaries.  A truly transparent person, no pretensions about her, able to giggle unaffectedly at herself, nurse, wife, and mother Suzanne Crocker just tells it the way it really is – unusual customs, no electricity, no running water, strange foods, guinea fowls at 4 a.m., lack of privacy, beggars in the living room, and all.  

Walk with Suzanne as she finds out, after she has roasted it, that in Togo, Africa they do not clean a bird’s innards out before selling it.  Learn the importance of humor, and learning the language as she and her husband face a chief who suggests swapping wives.  Attend a beautifully decorated (with pink toilet paper) Christian wedding that is sweaty, dance-filled, and wonderfully jubilant.  Discover just how essential hunger relief projects are when elephants devastate the villagers’ fields.  Also, meet Victoria Cat who didn’t catch rodents even when they changed his name to Tiger; learn how to forgive when villagers eat the Crocker’s pet dog; and rejoice in a miracle when a native pastor, who cannot get antivenin for a viper bite yet survives, thus proving God is stronger than the witch doctor.  There are more than 50 of these narratives.  And, yes, that pig is in there, being delivered alive via village taxi.

Don’t miss reading this book!  Pig in a Taxi can be read straight through or bit by bit.  It is a fine devotional, but also is an adventure biography packed with a full range of recognizable emotions.  It should be a must-read for prospective missionaries; but then, it should also be a must for prospective parents, those thinking of moving from their home ground, and Christians who are learning that other cultures are as valid as ours, as well as anyone who relishes living.  Crocker closes with these words:  “God…has promised to guide us and be our counselor.  I am choosing to trust him to lead us step by step the rest of the way home” (pg. 174).  Pig in a Taxi makes a most satisfying text book for learning the reality of God’s promises and guidance. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book


Book Jacket:

Now you can get an inside look at the colorful life of a real modern missionary. Suzanne Crocker's adventures in Africa will inspire you to find strength for your daily tasks and to keep your sense of humor even amidst hardship. Inside you'll discover

  • why "eating your troubles" isn't always the best solution
  • how language barriers can create some sticky situations
  • how to eat fish that's looking at you
  • how God can use things meant for evil and turn them into good
  • and so much more

These vignettes are current, funny, and full of insights on everything from hospitality and forgiveness to obedience and sensing God's presence in every situation. Each one is accompanied by Scripture and specific ways you can pray for missionaries around the world.   

Missionaries are human, just like you. And they have some great stories, from the heartwarming to the hilarious, about their time serving in countries very different from ours--yet in some ways very much the same.