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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Aug 2006
Baker Books

A Biblical Case for an Old Earth

by David Snoke

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The thoughts in this book are guaranteed to send shock waves through the Christian community. Although David Snoke presents completely reasonable arguments for an old earth, many of his conclusions will cause consternation for believers. As he critiques the prevailing viewpoints, he also carefully points out the theological inconsistencies. Diligent readers will be exposed to many new ideas, which may cause an earnest evaluation of firmly-held beliefs.

The author candidly admits that his research was designed to show how the Bible agrees with science. However, he urges his audience to thoughtfully consider if the facts he furnishes align with Scripture. A careful reading of his book reveals the biblical foundation upon which his opinions rest, but Christians still may not embrace these views with wholehearted abandon. Snoke understands the problems associated with his rendition of this issue, and he openly discusses some of these objections As his logic and faith formulate compelling arguments, readers will dig deeper into their Bibles to follow his line of reasoning. He is not afraid to tackle the harder questions of whether animals died before the Fall, or if the Flood was only a localized event. In addition, the author fully realizes the association of liberal theology and an old earth, thereby making his job of persuasion that much more difficult among evangelical believers. These pages offer an honest and urgent appeal to put aside any cherished beliefs and to take a hard look at this evidence.

Whether the earth is thousands or millions years old, the meticulous research of David Snoke is a valuable arsenal of ideas in this battle of the ages. Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Young-earth creationism? Naturalistic evolution? Isn't there another choice? Yes, there is.

Respected physicist and professor Dr. David Snoke argues that the Bible does tell us about the scientific history of our world, but it does not teach that the world was created recently. He offers a compelling biblical case that the young-earth position is theologically flawed.

Drawing out the deeper themes of Scripture often lost in modern discussion, Snoke shows how the biblical texts as well as modern scientific discoveries are better explained by a day-age model. He argues that the earth is millions of years old-and created miraculously by God.

Anyone interested in how science and faith relate and what the Bible says about the age of the earth will appreciate this readable, biblically grounded explanation of old-earth creationism